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60 Seconds with… Roy Miller


The Jacksonville Jaguars have impressed on the defensive side of the ball during the preseason and look set to create plenty of problems for opposing offenses in the coming months.

Among the key contributors on a sturdy defensive line is five-year veteran tackle Roy Miller, who is preparing to return to Wembley Stadium for a third time this October.

We caught up with Roy to discuss life in the NFL and that impending International Series contest with the San Francisco 49ers.

How does it feel to be heading back to the UK to play at Wembley Stadium for a third time?

I'm excited. Every time we go over there we see that the fans are so great and they really appreciate this sport. To be able to go out to another country and see a beautiful city like London is a great experience. The crowd is loud and you see all the different jerseys. We get to see the excitement the NFL has created around the world.

How important has this off-season been to the Jaguars?

All off-seasons are definitely important but this one has been vital because we have a new head coach and we're learning a new defense. We have all been working hard for one goal – to win games.

What was it like to be drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and to know you had finally made it into the NFL?

It was a gut-wrenching feeling. You hear where you might be selected but you just don't know. On draft day you sit on the edge of your seat with your family and you're biting your nails. It's a great feeling when that phone finally rings and you're welcomed into the NFL. In my case, it was with the Buccaneers. I will always cherish those memories.

What was that first regular season action like?

As a rookie you know what to expect and you go up against guys every day in practice, but any time you do something for the first time there is anxiety attached to that. But you go out on the field and get hit one time and realise it's the same as practice and you soon get into a groove.

Who was your NFL hero?

Definitely Warren Sapp. He was one of the first big guys who made the defensive line position sexy. He made a lot of big plays and he got up and celebrated. You could see the enjoyment he was getting out of playing the game. He made a lot of plays that big guys usually didn't make. He made the rest of us big guys feel like we could make plays like that. He really changed that defensive tackle position.

Do you watch NFL games when you're not playing?

I'm a big fan of the game and I like to watch a lot of football. I particularly enjoy watching teams around the league who are tough and who run hard to the football. After our game I will go home, settle with the family and turn the television on. Then I will watch some more NFL football.

Finally, what advice would you give to rookies who are about to embark on their NFL careers?

Stay quiet and stay humble. Do whatever the older guys tell you to do – fetch their doughnuts or get them breakfast, that kind of thing. Then let your actions speak louder than your words. If you do that, everybody will want to get to know you after that.

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