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A strong off-season


The off-season has been strong thus far for Jaguars season-ticket renewals.

As Mackey Weaver sees it, considering the excitement in the wake of recent changes in ownership and head coach, there's little reason that trend shouldn't continue in the coming weeks and months.

Weaver, the Jaguars' Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said the team exceeded normal levels during its recent season-ticket renewal period, with renewals of general bowl seats exceeding 87 percent and club seat renewals exceeding 91 percent.

This past Friday was the deadline for season-ticket holders to renew before non-renewed seats were  opened to the public.

"That's good," Weaver said. "The norm is usually 85 to 88, and we projected a little higher because of the excitement."

Weaver said he expects those numbers to rise as ticket-holders continue to renew in coming weeks. He also said the renewal numbers keep the team in line with overall ticket-sales goals for the 2012 season.

"We're on projection now from a renewals perspective where the season-ticket 'new sales' goal is where it needs to be," he said.

Weaver said the team now enters the relocation/add-a-seat phase of the ticket program, with a voice message from new Head Coach Mike Mularkey going out Monday informing people that tickets were to be released at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Beginning Wednesday and running through Sunday, Weaver said existing season-ticket holders can come to the stadium and choose seats that have become available. Fans should call and schedule a time to do so.

The team's Select-A-Seat event will be held Saturday, March 17.

"That's the day new season-ticket buyers can come in and test drive the seats, see where the sight lines are, see where the newest concessions and restrooms are," Weaver said.

Weaver said the Jaguars expect increased sales to continue at that event, and throughout the coming months.

He said that's the case not only because of Mularkey and the excitement generated by Shahid Khan's purchase of the team, but because of the continued momentum of the off-season. NFL players last season were locked out from mid-March until late July, which Weaver said not only dampened the enthusiasm of fans, but prevented players from participating in off-season promotional activities.

"We're going to have free agency here March 13," Weaver said. "The schedule's going to come out (in mid-April), and when it came out last year people didn't care. The draft happened, but we had no access to the players.

"This year, when we go out and do Team Teal events and Jaguars-based events, we'll have players involved in the process. Last year we had me and (Senior Vice President Stadium Operations/CFO) Bill Prescott and some coaches go, but having players involved is a huge part of it."

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