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A suit you'd wear forever

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Why does it seem the Jaguars defense never blitzes or finds ways to pressure the QB besides the front four winning at the line of scrimmage?

Vic: Where have you been? Did you see the big play in the Titans game? Did you watch the first half of the Steelers game? This team just doesn't have the kind of personnel you need to play attack-style defense. I've said this over and over, you don't just wave a magic wand and turn "cover two" players into "cover zero" players. Teams such as the Steelers spend years and years drafting linebackers and tweeners they can turn into blitzing linebackers. Come on, it's time to understand what this team's identity is. Since Jack Del Rio became its coach, this has been a run the ball/stop the run football team. It got back to the run-the-ball part in Denver. When it gets the stop-the-run part back, its identity will be complete again.

Jerry from Chowchilla, CA:
The announcer said right before halftime, when the Broncos were punting, that if the Jaguars fair catch the punt, they could try an uncontested field goal. I have never heard of this in 37 years of watching the NFL. Can you explain this?

Vic: It's called a "fair catch kick." The fair catch kick line for the receiving team (defense) is 10 yards in advance of the kicking team's fair catch kick line. In other words, it's similar to a kickoff except a tee may not be used. The ball must be held in placement.

Kevin from Yulee, FL:
With Chad Nkang, Jeremy Mincey and George Wrighster on PUP and eligible to come off PUP this week, who do you see getting activated?

Vic: Nkang is the most likely guy, if I read Jack Del Rio right on Monday. Mincey could come off, too, but it sounds as though the Jaguars will use their three-week window on Wrighster.

David from Jacksonville:
During our game on Friday, we were flagged for having 12 men on the field. We had gained 40-plus yards on a quarterback draw. When the referee came to the sideline to tell our coaches the call, our head coach told the ref, "We will let them use 12 players next play." I thought it was quite funny and it made me think, do NFL coaches say smart remarks to the referees?

Vic: Sure, they joke around, but my favorite quip to officials comes from a high school coach a long time ago. He was a coach of considerable esteem and intimidated officials to a certain extent. He would say, "I thought you guys call them as you see them." After the official said, "We do," the coach would hit him with the punch line: "Well, you couldn't possibly have seen that because it didn't happen." If I was an official, I would use that line as a guide in the calls I made. I would make sure I absolutely saw something happen before I made a call, instead of thinking I saw something. There's a difference. In other words, it's better, in my opinion, to call nothing than it is to call something you think happened but the tape might show really didn't happen.

Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
Maybe I'm making these two games more dramatic than they really are, but am I right in thinking that any playoff and or division hopes for the Jags require wins against Tennessee in week 10 and Indianapolis in week 15?

Vic: In my opinion, it's time to put division title talk aside until this team draws a little closer to division-leading Tennessee. I will agree with you, however, that wins against Tennessee and Indianapolis are absolute musts, not only for this team to make it into the postseason but for this team to consider this season a success.

Kyle from Norfolk, VA:
On Brandon Marshall's fumble, Drayton Florence stepped out of bounds and then picked it up and ran with it. Why was it not illegal touching or something along those lines?

Vic: Florence had to get two feet back down in bounds, or a knee or anything else that would constitute re-establishing himself as an in-bounds player, before he could legally recover the ball. I'm assuming he did that and I am not going to look at the tape to see if he did or not because the game is over and I'm tired of playing Mike Pereira every week.

Lane from Longwood, FL:
What's been the biggest storyline so far for you this season in the NFL? Also, what's been the biggest surprise for you?

Vic: The top storyline, in my opinion, is the lack of a truly dominant team at the top. Tennessee is undefeated but I do not consider them to be a dominant team. I don't see one. This thing is wide open. As far as a surprise team, I think that distinction clearly belongs to Atlanta.

Jordan from Tuscaloosa, AL:
What are your thoughts about the college football season thus far?

Vic: It's never been more obvious that college football needs to be standardized and include a playoff system. It's ridiculous that early-season nonconference games are factored into the rankings. It takes pro teams four preseason games to be able to play at a professional level at the start of the season. Why do we expect college teams to be able to play at a competent level right from the start? The early-season nonconference games should be treated as exhibitions. The games should start to count when teams begin their conference schedules, and that's what you'd have if we had a playoff system. It's just the same crap we've always had. We'll watch the games and argue about who should be number one, who should be number 25 and which teams travel well enough to go to this bowl or that bowl. It's really stupid stuff and my fervor for college football decreases a little with each passing season. I'm just tired of the hypocrisy. Give me the real thing. Don't give me this fraudulent crap about this conference being better than that conference, etc. It's all supposition. Show me who's best and show me in a Division II-type playoff system that requires teams to play all over the country, not just in one of two regions. I wanna see Florida play that cutesy offense in the cold.

Zach from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Better watch for team Harden-Miller in the member-guest. They are a formidable opponent.

Vic: Harden's a hack and Miller has to bring along a trained monkey to putt for him.

John from Jacksonville:
How does the tuck rule apply if the QB is past the line of scrimmage or if he is crossing the line of scrimmage while tucking? Is there a flag for an illegal pass?

Vic: I knew I shouldn't have answered that question. It happens every time. Now the insanity begins.

Atul from Jacksonville:
Deion Sanders said David Garrard is the best-dressed player in the NFL. Would you agree?

Vic: I like the hat. It gives me an easy story. I like the purple hat and I like the charcoal gray hat, too, but if I was Garrard I'd be depressed that Sanders complimented me on how I dress because Sanders dresses like a clown. David dresses very tastefully and with flair, but I'm more of a button-down shirt guy and my vote for the best dressed player on the Jaguars goes to Daryl Smith, who always wears a suit and tie you wouldn't mind being your forever and ever suit. The way I figure, if I got dug up at some point for some reason, I don't want them to think they switched me out with Bozo the clown.

Dave from Orange Park, FL:
What's the rule on throwback uniforms? I thought a team was only allowed to wear them once a season, but the Jets wore those disgusting New York Titans uniforms again this weekend. Can you clarify, please?

Vic: A team can wear them twice a season and, by the way, I like those old Titans uniforms.

The next "Ask Vic" column will appear on Monday, Oct. 20.

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