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All black this Sunday?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Jacksonville:
In your opinion, is it better to keep the opponent guessing as to the starting QB for an upcoming game until the last possible moment? It was mentioned that Garrard was considered for Sunday's game this past Monday, and then it was mentioned Leftwich will start this Sunday. Should both considerations/decisions have been kept a secret, as a better strategy? Or am I making too much of something that would only result in a third win anyway? Also, I think invisible yellow paint is available at Home Depot so you can paint the first-down line on your TV screen wherever you feel is best, but be sure to get an invisible paint eraser.

Vic: If you have to create subterfuge to prepare for a football game, you've got real problems, and that's the message you would send to your players and your fans. It was not Jack Del Rio's intent to play mind games with the Bucs.

Alex from St. Augustine, FL:
Where is Tom Coughlin now?

Vic: Enjoying the final days of a relaxing year before he is hired to be some team's head coach and he starts sleeping in his office again.

Kevin from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I have to say, the "Great Yellow Paint Debate" is a joke that never gets old. I truly appreciate your humorous anecdotes on a daily basis. I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

Vic: Kevin, I'm starting to get e-mails from people who've tired of the "yellow paint" thing, so it's time to knock it off. But, on this Thanksgiving Day, 2003, as we watch football this afternoon and evening, who in our "Ask Vic" family won't chuckle a little at the sight of that yellow line across their television screen? Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and to all of our "Ask Vic" family.

Nick from Bloomsburg, PA:
Enough with the "invisible paint" already. Four posts and it's not even that funny. National television vs. Tampa Bay, that's something to be excited about.

Vic: Easy, big guy. Happy Thanksgiving.

David from Port Orange, FL:
I have a question about blackouts. Since I'm over 75 miles away from Jacksonville, why is it that games are blacked out here in Port Orange if it's not a sell-out in Jacksonville? Can I get some soup?

Vic: The rule provides that any TV station capable of telecasting the game whose signal penetrates within 75 miles of Jacksonvile will be blacked out. What that means David is this: If your house was a TV station, and you belonged to the network airing the Jaguars game, and you turned your power down so that your station's signal didn't penetrate within 75 miles of Jacksonville, you could show the game to yourself. Enjoy your soup.

Jermaine from Jacksonville:
Since at the time you could have had no idea you'd be working for them, what was your first thought when you found out Jacksonville was awarded an NFL franchise?

Vic: My first thought was that if they schedule the Steelers to play there late in the season, I'll go down a day early and play golf. As it turned out, I went down early and stayed.

Robert from Daytona Beach, FL:
Who cares about the stupid first-down marker? Go to the games so you don't have to see it on TV and then you can make your own judgment on a first down in person. Are the Jaguars going to be in all black for this Sunday's game?

Vic: This is it, Robert; the moment everyone has anxiously awaited. May I have a drum roll please? Thank you. Ready? The answer to your question is (cymbals crashing): Yes! The Jaguars are going to wear all black this Sunday. I can hardly control myself. I just hope they don't get any of that yellow paint on their black pants or shirts.

Marcus from Rockledge, FL:
Do you still go along with the philosophy of drafting the best available player or drafting for need? I would think that since Jax has its QB of the future, next year's draft might dictate the latter; a shift in philosophy, so to speak. I can't imagine drafting another QB in 2004 simply because he is regarded as the best player. The Jags need help on defense and they need a serious upgrade to their offensive line. The 2004 draft is going to be very important if we are ever going to emerge from the doldrums of the last four seasons. How would you draft for next year?

Vic: The best available player, always. But that doesn't mean drafting another quarterback. It means you have to fit your pick to the player you want for the purpose of realizing full value for your original place in the order. In other words, if you have the third pick of the draft and Sammy Baugh is available, but you already have Joe Montana, it might be a good idea to trade out of that position and get Sammy Baugh's value in extra picks. Right? But what you don't do is draft a lesser player because he plays a position where you have need. If you do that, you make Sammy Baugh available to one of your competitors without making that competitor weaken himself by rewarding you with extra picks equal to Sammy Baugh's value. There's also another problem with picking a player higher than his grade: You're overpaying him, and that'll damage your salary structure. Now that you've traded down to where need and value meet, go ahead, pick the best available player. Is that really so hard to understand? The logic is simple: Fit your pick to the player; not the player to your pick. And don't allow your competitors to draft better players without at least making them pay for that right. Your place in the draft order has a specific value. The best drafters are the ones who are most value conscious.

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