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All right, Lageman, let's go

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brad from Jacksonville:
The NFL regular-season schedule will be released today at 5 p.m., on the NFL TV network and on Will your radio show, "Jaguars This Week," conduct a breakdown of the schedule?

Vic: Brian, Jeff and I will dedicate a significant portion of our show to the Jaguars schedule, and I'm sure each of us will give his opinions on whether the Jaguars were treated fairly by the NFL schedule-maker. I know I will.

Gaizka from Madrid, Spain:
Vic, correct me if I'm wrong, but you said the Jaguars are trying to get rid of Darius, and I've heard some teams might be interested. Since Darius signed the franchise tender, doesn't that mean the team that signs Darius has to give up a couple of first-rounders?

Vic: Do you honestly think a team would make a trade that also included two first-round picks? When Donovin Darius signed the "franchise" tender, he signed the equivalent of a one-year contract. At that point, he could no longer offer his services to another team because he is under contract to the Jaguars. When Darius signed the tender, the Jaguars also re-claimed the right to trade Darius, and it won't cost a team two first-round picks to trade for him. The two-first-round-picks compensation only pertains to a "franchise" player who hasn't signed the tender. If Darius is traded to another team, he is no longer a "franchise" player. The tag would stay in Jacksonville and could be used again beginning in 2005.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
Is it true Lageman is a better golfer than you?

Vic: Well, I knew this was coming, so let's get it out of the way. Here's the story. Jeff Lageman (the author of this question) and I were participants Monday in Chris Hanson's golf tournament that benefits child cancer patients. I was a member of a distinguished five-some; Lageman drove around in a golf cart offering groups cool beverages from a stock from which he, no doubt, pilfered several beverages for his own enjoyment. On my group's second hole, a par three of about 175 yards, my shot came to rest about 25 feet from the pin. All of a sudden, Lageman pulls up and boldly asks, "Where did Vic hit his shot?" He expected the answer to be, "In the water," but I said, "You see that white speck on the green?" After the final member of my group hit, Lageman bellows, "Give me a ball and a club." I was immediately reminded of Eddie from "Christmas Vacation." Lageman tees up the ball like a woman adjusting her lipstick applicator, then grips the club as though it was a shovel. "How much if I hit the green?" Lageman asked. "A hundred bucks," I said, thinking to myself, "Please, God, let him hit it into the water." All of a sudden, Lageman hits this towering shot that appears as though it may impale itself on the top of the flagstick. The ball lands six feet from the hole. I don't get it; I went to church on Sunday, too. Then he made his big mistake. After driving down to the green to revel in his glory, he says, "Let me putt it." At that precise moment, his 15 minutes of golf glory was over. "Double or nothing," I said. What could he do but accept? The ball screeched left as though something had frightened it. Now he's angry and he's gonna take it out on me. My 25-footer comes up a little short and he yells, "Does your husband play golf?" So, Jeff, would you like to try 17 more, for charity? I'll give you a stroke a hole.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Vic, can the Jags play Tommie Harris at LE? He might fall if a team ahead of us takes Udeze. If Udeze falls and Fitzgerald and Roy Williams are gone, as well, do we take Harris or do we take Will Smith?

Vic: Tommie Harris is capable of playing left defensive end. In fact, some teams think that might be a better position for him because he's good against the run and has some pass-rush potential, but isn't the wide-body usually associated with the defensive tackle position. In my opinion, if Harris is available when it's the Jaguars' turn to select, he will be seriously considered for the pick. Don't forget, the Jaguars also have a major need for a backup defensive tackle.

David from Oviedo, FL:
I notice the Jags currently have four Gators, one Seminole and no Hurricanes on their roster. Have the Jags ever had a player from Miami on their roster?

Vic: You're forgetting Brett Romberg. By the way, the Jaguars have nine players from the state of Florida on their roster. Is that good enough?

Jose from Los Angeles, CA:
How far down do teams mark their value boards? Do teams target players in the second or third rounds?

Vic: Value boards traditionally allow for 300-400 players, which is every draft-eligible prospect worthy of drafting or signing as an undrafted free agent.

Joe from Tallahassee, FL:
After you wrote about how much it would take for us to go up and get Larry Fitzgerald at the number two pick, it makes me think trading down would be smarter for teams. Do you have any details of the most recent first-round trades involving just draft picks?

Vic: These are the trades in last year's draft that involved first-round picks: Chicago's first-round pick (DT Dewayne Robertson) to the Jets for Washington's first-round pick and the Jets' first-round (QB Rex Grossman) and fourth-round (DT Ian Scott) picks; Arizona's first-round (DT Jonathan Sullivan), second-round (OT Jon Stinchcomb) and fourth-round (G Montrae Holland) picks to New Orleans for New Orleans' first-round (WR Bryant Johnson) pick, Miami's first-round (DE Calvin Pace) pick and New Orleans' second-round (WR Anquan Boldin) pick; Washington's first-round (DT Ty Warren) pick from Chicago to New England for Buffalo's first-round (DE Michael Haynes) pick and New England's sixth-round pick; Philadelphia's first-round (DB Sammy Davis) pick and Green Bay's second-round (DB Terrence Kiel) pick from Philadelphia to San Diego for San Diego's first-round (DE Jerome McDougle) pick; Kansas City's first-round (DB Troy Polamalu) pick to Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh's first-round (RB Larry Johnson), third-round (DB Julian Battle) and sixth-round picks; Baltimore's second-round pick and first-round pick in 2004 to New England for New England's first-round (QB Kyle Boller) pick. As you can see, it's another example of teams addressing need by fitting their pick to the player's value. He better be the best available player when you pick him or you got screwed. By the way, if you think trading down is "smarter for teams," then doesn't trading down mean somebody has to trade up?

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