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Anything bad will do it

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
I have been looking at Reggie Williams' workout numbers and everything differs on different sites? I have seen his 40 times range from 4.47 to 4.65. What was his best time? Also, I noticed that he's about the same size and weight as Terrell Owens. Would you say they have a similar style of play?

Vic: The fastest time at which the Jaguars clocked Reggie Williams in the 40 is 4.49. In gauging a player's speed, several factors have to be considered: inside or outside, wind, condition of the running surface and the spread of the times. At his pro-day workout, Williams ran inside on a hard-surface track, and his times had a range of good to below average. What does all of that tell me? It tells me speed isn't Williams' game; size and play-making ability are. For those reasons, Williams has drawn comparison to Terrell Owens.

Johan from Gothenburg, Sweden:
I heard about something called the supplemental draft. Can you explain more what it is and what players end up in that draft. I know the order of the selection is the same as for the normal draft, but that's about it. Can you enlighten me?

Vic: The NFL conducts a supplemental draft every July for players who had not sought or achieved eligibility for the April draft, and have since declared their intentions to play in the NFL. Georgia Tech running back Tony Hollings was such a player last season. The July supplemental draft, for which the draft order is the same as it was in the April draft, is conducted in such a way that teams wishing to select a player notify the league by e-mail which of their picks they wish to use on that player. After the league receives the pick requests, the league awards the player to the team selecting him the highest. Last year, Hollings was selected by the Houston Texans with their second-round pick. When Hollings was awarded to the Texans, they lost their second-round pick in this year's April draft. That's the cost of making a pick in the supplemental draft; you lose the corresponding round pick in the next year's April draft. If the league is required to conduct a special supplemental draft for Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams, it will be conducted in the same manner the July supplemental draft is conducted.

Holger from Bad Vilbel, Germany:
How does a player fail to pass the physical?

Vic: Bad knee, bad back, bad neck, bad eyesight, bad breath, bad rims, bad short game, etc.

John from Jacksonville:
I really enjoy going to the open practices and I wondered when the next one is scheduled?

Vic: In training camp.

Nick from Jacksonville:
With the Jaguars' apparent desire to change the face of their wide receiver corps, with the drafting of Reggie Williams and of Ernest Wilford, where does that leave Troy Edwards' future with the team? Certainly Edwards showed he can be a contributor and I'd like to see him as the Jaguars' third receiver.

Vic: He'll have a chance to compete. There are no guarantees. I've said this before and I'll say it again: This is not a game of maintenance; it's a game of replacement. Marriage is a game of maintenance.

Glenn from Savannah, GA:
Did you like what you saw from Greg Jones in mini-camp? Does he have the speed and ability to cut considering his injury? Would you liken him more to a Jamal Lewis or a Jerome Bettis?

Vic: I love the Greg Jones pick. I think he'll be a sensational complement to Fred Taylor, and I especially like what Jones will give the Jaguars in short-yardage situations. This team had a big short-yardage problem last year. It doesn't now. That's what I think Jones' greatest contribution will be. As far as speed and cutting ability, he looked OK to me in mini-camp, but speed and agility are not Jones' game. He's a power back, period. He's a pounder in the truest sense of the word. If I could compare him to anybody in the game today, it would be T.J. Duckett of Atlanta. Neither Jones nor Duckett have Jamal Lewis' or Jerome Bettis' feet. Let's not forget that Lewis rushed for 2,000 yards last season and Bettis is closing on Jim Brown. Lewis and Bettis are very special running backs.

Jake from Dublin, OH:
What do you think of the Bengals' new uniforms?

Vic: I like them, but they still have to fix that helmet. It looks like a pumpkin with varicose veins.

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