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Be cool in Buffalo

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

J.T. from Jacksonville:
Why would the Jags waive Marler before taking him back and placing him on injured reserve, instead of just going straight to IR?

Vic: Seth Marler is not a vested veteran, which means the team would not have re-gained Marler's roster spot if it had not put him through waivers first. A vested veteran can be assigned directly to the injured reserve list without the team losing a roster spot, but that is not the case with non-vested veterans.

Brandon from Suffolk, VA:
Vic, could you please talk to the folks that design your web page and ask them to use a different color other than red on black for the text of your answers? For those of us with color-deficient vision (about 10 percent of the population) it is very difficult to read.

Vic: It's yellow.

Jermaine from Jacksonville:
Are the new scoreboards going to be installed and ready to go for the first home preseason game?

Vic: That's the plan.

Keith from Neptune Beach, FL:
I thought the term "third-down back" meant a big back that can get a few yards in a third-and-short situation. What gives?

Vic: The term "third-down back" commonly refers to a pass-catching back who comes into the game on obvious passing downs. He's also known as the "back out of the backfield." The kind of third-down back you're describing is commonly known as a "short-yardage back."

George from Drummonds, TN:
Is there a trading deadline? If so, when? Considering the depth of the Jaguars running back and linebackers, why not trade a few for other positions where depth is an issue?

Vic: The trade deadline is four p.m. on Oct. 19, which is the Tuesday after the week-six games. Trading is not as common as you might like it to be because the traded player's remaining bonus amortization accelerates onto that year's salary cap of the team trading him.

Corey from Lancaster, PA:
Hey, Vic, for my 16th birthday my parents got me tickets for the Jags season opener in Buffalo. Do you expect it to be a good game and will I get killed for wearing my Jag stuff?

Vic: It should be a great game, but do NOT wear your Jags stuff. That is an order. Go there, sit quietly, enjoy the game, get in the car and go home. We need you to come home safe and sound.

Susan from Jacksonville:
When I watch an individual player during a play, I miss seeing the play. How do you watch individual players during a game and, at the same time, watch the plays?

Vic: Through years of covering football games, I have trained my eyes to see independently of each other. If the Jaguars are moving left to right, for example, my left eye will watch the quarterback while my right eye will zoom in on a wide receiver. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

Dave from Dallas, TX:
I keep reading how Matt Cherry is the Cortez Hankton of this training camp, but what about Hankton? I have not read anything about him.

Vic: Cortez Hankton had some strong moments in practice this week, after a slow start in week one. Of course, the passing game had a slow start overall. The preseason games will determine much about Hankton's role on the Jaguars this year.

Richard from Atlanta:
Since I go to Georgia Tech, I'm wondering how Daryl Smith will fit into the mix this year? Do you see him starting or will that take a year?

Vic: Daryl Smith, in my opinion, is the Jaguars' top-performing rookie. I can't imagine he won't find a place in the Jaguars' starting lineup this year.

Jonnie from Jacksonville:
Do you think Del Rio would rather lead the NFL in sacks or have the number one run-defense?

Vic: Your question is difficult to answer because sacks don't tell the whole story. Pressure on the quarterback is what's most important, and that can be achieved without sacking the quarterback. Never underestimate the importance of stopping the run. Look what it did for the Jaguars defense last year. Even though the Jaguars had the fourth-worst sacks total in the league, they were able to have the league's sixth-best defense because they stopped the run. In the final eight games of the season, only three opponents scored 20 points or more against the Jaguars. Stop the run or sack the quarterback? That's easy. Stop the run, always. If you don't do that, you won't even get the chance to sack the quarterback.

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