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Best of the best


Week 2 of the NFL season saw more than a few upsets, and that in turn created some upsets for many fantasy owners. Anyone brave enough to start Best with his starting QB out was rewarded with 232 yards of total offense and three touchdowns. Did anyone else notice how Best looked like Barry Sanders on Tecmo Super Bowl… running around defenders and juking guys right out of their cleats? I was waiting for the theme music to come on after his third touchdown!

Meanwhile, owners banking on the #1 overall pick, Chris Johnson, coming through for them were sorely disappointed when he turned in 53 total yards and failed to find the endzone. Johnson isn't going to face the Steelers every week and the Lions aren't going to be able to put 32 points on the scoreboard every week, so make sure you keep it all in perspective when someone offers you a trade this week.


### Losers

Carson Palmer:I warned you to sit Palmer this week and I was right. He finished the game with 167 passing yards, no TDs and no INTs. The Bengals won and I know Palmer will gladly take the win regardless of his stats, but fantasy owners want stats, not wins.

Brett Favre:I have not been a Favre fan for a few years now, but he is really showing his age in 2010. On the field Favre doesn't seem to have the drive to compete at the same level he once did, and it shows with his 225 passing yards, 3 INTs and no TDs this week. He threw seven INTs all last season, and he already has four in the first two games this season.

Chris Johnson: Take a good look here, because you are unlikely to see Johnson's name on this list again this season. The Steelers have one of the best defenses in the league and they simply shut Johnson down this weekend. Chalk it up as a one-week fluke and forget about it as of right now.

Maurice Jones-Drew:MJD was the victim of the Jaguars playing from behind the whole game. Still, finishing with 48 total yards is a hard pill to swallow and owners should feel confident starting him against an Eagles defense that allowed Best to have a career day in just his second NFL game.

Anquan Boldin: Even though Boldin has Joe Flacco throwing him the ball, he still only managed 5 receptions for 35 yards with no red zone visits in Week 2. The Ravens could have a very nice offense if Flacco and crew get on the same page, but the Bengals' stout defense shut them down and killed fantasy teams in the process.

Greg Jennings: I expected far more from Jennings while going up against the Buffalo Bills this weekend. But instead of stud numbers, I got 3 receptions for an empty 33 yards and a loss with the team I started him on. Thanks for nothing Mr. Jennings!

Tony Gonzalez: It is so hard to watch a Hall of Fame player fade from what he once was, and that is exactly what Gonzalez is doing in front of my eyes. This week he finished with a modest 2 receptions for 19 yards, even though Matt Ryan completed 21 passes for 225 yards and 3 TDs this week. Gonzalez isn't the elite TE he used to be and I would be a seller of him.

Philadelphia Eagles defense: Not much you can do when you run up against a career game from a rookie, I guess. The Eagles defense allowed 32 points while getting just 2 sacks and 2 INTs on the day. This defense is better than this, but this still hurts and there is no bright side to this tragedy.

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