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Big question is rush or cover?

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rob from Jacksonville:
Do you think Peyton Manning can absorb a beating like the one the Saints gave Brett Favre? I have my doubts.

Vic: The more important question is: Do the Saints dare sell out on the pass-rush as they did against Favre? If you're going to commit to the rush against Manning, you either have to get "home" with it or your coverage guys have got to win their one-on-one battles. If the Saints get the kind of pressure on Manning they got on Favre, Manning will sack himself, but very few teams get to him before he gets rid of the ball. I think you've hit on the most important decision Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has to make for this game: Does he rush or cover?

Damon from Torrance, CA:
You can hope all you want for stadium sellouts in Jacksonville, Vic, but it ain't gonna happen. You have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting mauled by a polar bear and regular bear on the same day. Jacksonville obviously isn't deserving of an NFL team, so enjoy your last few years in that city because Los Angeles, here you come.

Vic: Not so fast, my friend. Didn't you see my story yesterday? Tickets are selling faster than "Ask Vic" coffee mugs. The whale breathes.

Tim from Jacksonville:
Play the whole game over? Vic, you may be onto something there. It makes going for overtime at the end of a game such an undesirable outcome that only the most infamous coaches would ever intentionally do it. It would completely reverse the current situation. The favored strategy in the fourth quarter would become always go for the win; avoid a tie at all costs. It would add a whole other level of intensity and drama to the entire second half of a game.

Vic: There's a fine line between stupidity and genius.

David from Merritt Island, FL:
I do very few things every day, however, one thing I do every day is read "Ask Vic." It drives my wife crazy.

Vic: Women just don't understand us.

Eric from Cawston, BC:
Over the past seven years, AFC champions have either been the Steelers, Patriots and Colts (all three make me want to vomit), whereas the NFC has had a different champion each year. What are your thoughts on this one?

Vic: Beat them.

Alan from Orange Park, FL:
You've been talking about the overtime rules, but why do we need overtime? Why not just use the NHL system and give two points for a win and one for a tie? Games are already long enough without adding more time and opportunities for injury.

Vic: The NHL plays an overtime period that's followed by a shootout, if necessary, in regular-season games. In the postseason, however, all games are played to conclusion. Essentially, the NHL system is identical to the NFL's, minus the one-point, two-points thing.

Ben from Glen Cove, NY:
As an avid follower of the Jags since my first Brunell jersey back in the day, I've noticed a bunch of things over the years but one thing stands out, that all the players are talented in the league but some have something extra. When you look at the elite players, like Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Lewis, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, just to name a few, I've noticed that they have that something extra, something you have to look for when drafting a player today. It's a certain attitude that if we're not winning, it's my job to change that. In this year's draft, (outside of Tebow, because that speech he gave after the Ole Miss loss is exactly what I'm talking about), what player do you feel would best bring that mentality to the Jaguars team?

Vic: I don't know. I think that's what Gene Smith is doing now. He's looking for guys who give good speeches.

Jeremy from Norton, VA:
Why doesn't the NFL have the Super Bowl on Saturday night? It would make it so much easier for people that have to work on Monday and kids that have to attend school the next morning. Seems logical to me. Any ideas why they don't do it?

Vic: Because they'd lose a day of hype and the events that are associated with that day.

Manuel from Jacksonville:
Why doesn't Joe Namath belong in the top 10 quarterbacks?

Vic: Knee injuries shortened the prime of his career. He only had five or six good years. Back then, they didn't understand how to deal with knee injuries. He underwent major surgery for every knee injury he sustained. It shortened his career.

Ricky from Melbourne, Australia:
I find it a little surprising that there seems to be a lot of fans that detest you, but a lot players you've been involved with love you. Lageman was even using "Vicisms." Why does this not translate to the fans? Also, when you had health issues, everyone was nice to you. It's not that long since then and they are already having a go at you. Maybe people should consider your blood pressure before clicking submit.

Vic: It might be time to have another heart attack.

Richard from Jacksonville:
I graduated from a university in Virginia, not the University of Florida, but I am very disturbed by your obvious distaste for that university. I used to enjoy reading you but have not done so in quite some time. I just checked today on a whim. Nothing seems to have changed. For some reason, you've become an embittered person who just cannot resist attacking the University of Florida, its players and its fans. I really do not understand that venom. Further, I do not understand how you expect that hatred to convince more UF fans to attend Jaguars games. Since you are a representative of the Jaguars organization, your comments allude to the same feelings by the organization as a whole. I do not see how that helps fill seats. I'll take your advice and just quit reading your hate from now on.

Vic: You should do that immediately.

Bill from Jacksonville:
Regarding the coin flip in overtime, each team has a 50/50 shot of winning it. Sounds pretty fair to me. Now go out and cover the kick and stop the offense.

Vic: This is the kind of simple logic I respect.

William from Jacksonville:
I believe you have previously made an exception to the rule about not taking a wide receiver with a high pick for guys that have the potential to be great, such as Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson. Do you see any of those in this draft class?

Vic: There almost certainly will be a wide receiver in this draft class who will become a star in the league, but I don't see one that I would classify as "no-risk," which is what I considered Fitzgerald and Johnson to be. When you have a shot at that kind of receiver, go ahead and pick him.

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