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Black History Month | Content Creators: Ahmon Lott 

Black History Month - Ahmon Lot - Social Media Specialist - Article

Where are you from?

  •  I was born and raised right here in Jacksonville, Florida. 

What was your journey getting to your role?

  • My father is a photographer and got me into photography at a very young age. However, I loved playing sports, so I placed most of my focus on that. I played basketball and football and got a scholarship to play football collegiately. Even though my NFL dreams did not come to pass, another dream did, photography and videography. I transferred to Florida A&M University, where I studied broadcast journalism and did a lot of sports broadcast work. I was passionate about my work and took it very seriously early on. In 2019, Deion Sanders sent out a tweet where he was asking to build a social team. I replied to that tweet, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to Dallas to shoot a game. Deion liked my work and hired me as an intern for the summer. That internship turned into a full-time role. I managed all social content for Deion and his son Sheduer Sanders. When Deion took the head coach role at Jackson State University, I was promoted to Video Services Director for the football team. Being away from home was taxing, so when I decided to move back, I stepped out on faith and applied to be the Social Media Specialist with my home team, The Jacksonville Jaguars. 

What elements of who you are get incorporated into the content you create?

  •  My passion is one thing I pride myself on in every aspect of life. I capture moments that highlight emotion. I love to create content that people can feel and timeless moments that will live on forever. As a former athlete, I am an extremely hard worker; I bring the same blue-collar mentality to the creative space, which is why I feel like I've succeeded. I work hard for the people who come before me. It is only right because they fought for the opportunities we have today.  

Who inspired you?

  • When my dad was a child, my Grandfather brought home a camera from Vietnam. This act of kindness ignited my family's love for film, photography, and videography. Who would have thought that one gift would open the door 50 years later for me to flourish as a creator and turn that into a career? My folks are from the deep south, and they have taught me a lot about our history and the pain that my ancestors went through, which still fuels me today. 

Advice to aspiring Black creatives?

  • You only get out what you put in! Meaning that you'll only succeed if you put the work in. There are no shortcuts in this industry. Opportunities won't just magically fall out of the sky. You have to be strategic & intentional about your craft. Find your lane, be consistent, and run your race. Often it's easy to compare your journey to others, but you must stay focused on your journey. My last piece of advice is to remain humble but always know your worth! 

Favorite part of working on your team or with the Jaguars?

  • Being from Jacksonville, working for the Jaguars is a dream come true. I grew up minutes from the stadium. When the crowd roars, you can hear it from my kitchen. The Jaguars are a part of my DNA, so honestly, just being a part of this organization is a blessing!

Favorite memory or moment with Jaguars?

  • I have two moments: Pulling up to the stadium on my first game day, I was extremely emotional, and tears of joy flowed. The dream of making it to the NFL finally came true. The second moment was winning the playoff game at home. It's remarkable when the Jags win in the city; it brings unbelievable camaraderie, fellowship, and love. People from every walk of life all come together when the Jags win! After that chargers win, the city was on ten; indeed, a great moment to see.

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