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Bradley: "Our team has great expectations"


JACKSONVILLE – Entering his third training camp with the Jaguars, Head Coach Gus Bradley understands that expectations from the fan base are high.

But during the 2015 debut of the "Gus Bradley Show" on the Jaguars Radio Network Thursday night, Bradley said the same sentiment comes from inside EverBank Field as well.

"Our team has great expectations, and that's what you like about them," Bradley told co-host Jeff Lageman. "They all have that great expectation that, 'Let's take this thing to another level.'

"Our philosophy won't change as far as we're looking for improvement, but I think our mentality has changed. We feel like we have to create a standard, and that standard now, with the players that we have, the excitement that we have, I think it's a team of momentum. When you have young guys that have momentum on their side, you have a chance to accomplish great things."

The Jaguars report for 2015 training camp next week, but Bradley looks forward to next Friday more than any other day.

"There's nothing like going on that field for the first time," Bradley said. "To see the guys in the locker room and be able to go in there and visit with them and see what they're doing and to see the excitement on their face, but when you walk on that field for the first time, I think the anticipation of what's to come, and the excitement that it brings – it's just an exciting time."

The Jaguars quarterbacks, rookies and first-year players report for training camp Monday, July 27, with the remaining signed players due Thursday, July 30.

Also on Thursday night's "Gus Bradley Show":

  • Bradley on the challenge ahead for quarterback Blake Bortles: "The challenge for Blake … is to own the offense well enough, have a good enough relationship with Greg Olson, that he can challenge him. I think you want to have that relationship where Blake can say, 'Here's what's important to me, here's the things that I truly believe in.' I think with Blake especially, if he has a lot of faith in it, he (can) will it to work. I think that's what Greg Olson has to figure out with Blake as well, those plays that he is really convicted on."
  • Bradley on a trouble-free offseason for players on the roster: "Over the course of the last couple of years, our guys have done a really, really good job. We trust our guys, and if they make a decision that affects us, we will deal with it, but so far so good."

Follow the links to archives of Thursday night's "Gus Bradley Show" with Bradley and Jeff Lageman and "Jaguars Thursday" with J.P. Shadrick, Tony Boselli and Lageman.

Each week "The Gus Bradley Show" airs Thursday nights at 6:00 p.m. on the Jaguars Radio Network, including 14 stations in Central and North Florida and South Georgia. "Jaguars Thursday" airs immediately following on Jacksonville's flagship station of Jaguars football, 1010 XL.

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