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Broncos moving into their future

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Russell from Jacksonville:
hey, vick, your such a jerk. I only visit your column to hear what the fans have to say. I dont bother reading your nonsence.

Vic: Oh, gee, was that supposed to make me feel bad? Now I'm gonna get tear stains all over my paycheck.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The play that sticks out in the Bills-Jags game was fourth and 13 with time running out. David Garrard makes a big-time play. That is the kind of play the elite make. Your thoughts?

Vic: That's the kind of play an elite athlete makes, but it's not the kind of play an elite quarterback makes. You don't want your quarterback doing that kind of stuff. He's paid to pass the ball. I think David knows that. I think he knows that if he's to develop into a true starting quarterback, he's got to find an open receiver in that situation because you're not going to run over defenders for 16 yards very often.

Dave from St. Augustine, FL:
How in the world could you have the 49ers ahead of the Jaguars in your power rankings?

Vic: I just wanted to see if anybody was still reading the stupid thing.

Kevin from Franklin Lakes, NJ:
I just saw a mock draft that had the Jaguars picking 24th and taking Brian Brohm from Louisville, with players like Dwayne Jarrett, Jeff Samardzija, Sidney Rice and Ray McDonald still on the board. Do you think picking Brohm would be done or are any of those other players better options considering the state of the Jaguars receiving corps?

Vic: That's some mock draft. It also predicts how a team is going to finish in the previous season. I think we should probably wait until the season is over before we start talking about the draft.

Ed from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I will be at the Dolphins-Jags game this Sunday. Are the fans there normal or should I wear my beer-proof jacket? I'm not planning to make much noise, but I'll be wearing my teal.

Vic: Dolphins Stadium has always been a place where they announce the official attendance as 70,000-something, and you look up at the empty seats and wonder if they're counting eyeballs. I wouldn't worry about Dolphins fans.

Jeff from Toronto, Ontario:
Who would you say is the best all-around athlete on the Jaguars?

Vic: Rashean Mathis.

Lisa from Jacksonville:
Plummer out and Cutler in. Do you think that's a good move, being that the Broncos are in the middle of the wild-card hunt?

Vic: What good does it do to stay with the old guy if you've decided you can't win with him? That's what's happened. Mike Shanahan has decided the Broncos can't get it done with Jake Plummer. I applaud Shanahan for having the courage to move forward. The Broncos drafted Jay Cutler because they believe he's their quarterback of the future. Why wait? He can get valuable experience right now. Maybe he'll give the Broncos a spark. Football is a young man's game. Everybody seems to understand that except the Packers.

Jeff from Fullerton, CA:
Since you were talking about Notre Dame joining a conference, what conference would you like to see them join?

Vic: I'd like to see Notre Dame join the Big East and Penn State move into the Big East, where it belongs. Why would I like to see those two teams in the Big East? Because for college football to truly prosper, it has to succeed in the northeast and Notre Dame and Penn State are the teams that deliver the New York market. College football interest was at its best when Notre Dame was playing Army at Yankee Stadium. Those days are gone, but we saw how the emergence of Rutgers could stimulate interest in college football in New York this season, so imagine what Notre Dame and Penn State could do. I think college football will eventually come to its senses and give us a playoff system. When that day comes, every region of the country must offer formidable representation. The Big East has done a great job recovering from the loss of Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech, but it still needs help. We're talking about the conference that represents America's greatest population concentration. The Big East is critical to college football's popularity potential. No sports league can reach its full potential without New York.

Mark from Tulare, CA:
What is the difference between a block in the back and clipping?

Vic: From the rulebook: "Clipping is throwing the body across the back of the leg of an eligible receiver or charging or falling into the back of an opponent below the waist after approaching him from behind, provided the opponent is not a runner." "A block in the back is a block that is delivered from behind an opponent above his waist."

Alton from Melbourne, FL:
You can make all the excuses you want, Vic, but the simple fact is the Jags are too inconsistent in all phases of the game and if anyone in Jaguar nation, including Vic Ketchman, actually believes the Jags are going to defeat KC, New England and Indy, they obviously haven't watched the same team that I've watched this season and is seriously misguided.

Vic: I think you might be taking all of this a little too seriously.

Chuck from Vista, CA:
In your power rankings, you said, "Trading for Brees was genius" for New Orleans. Didn't they sign him, not trade for him?

Vic: You're right. My mistake. I'll fix it.

Gino from Detroit, MI:
I can see the Jags realistically going 11-5. Oddly enough, the games I feel most confident about are the games against Indianapolis and New England. I don't know what it is about playing at home, but our defense and our whole team seems to just overall play better. But we have to beat KC, because it doesn't look like we'll have a playoff spot clinched until the very last game.

Vic: Some people's glass is half full; for others, it's half empty. Alton's glass fell on the floor and broke, and your glass is overflowing onto the floor and flooding your house.

Chris from Lynchburg, VA:
In your opinion, which are the best NFL rivalries and why do you rank them that way?

Vic: Start with Green Bay-Chicago, because it's the oldest. When those two teams are on top of their games, it's a fantastic rivalry. Pittsburgh-Cleveland is the most intense. The Steelers and Browns have something that belongs solely to them and outsiders are not welcome. Kansas City-Oakland is an AFL thing. It's a great rivalry that has been lessened in recent years by the collapse of the Raiders. The Patriots and Jets have a good one going right now. Dallas and Washington, of course, is time-honored. Giants-Eagles is another traditional.

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