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Caleefornia is complaining

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Greg from Fallon, NV:
What's it going to take to get people in the stands for these home games? The Jaguars have kept up with their end of the deal by promising exciting football, which we saw brilliant streaks of last week, especially on offense, and by lowering the ticket prices. What's left to do from there?

Vic: Black 'em out.

Miguel from Mexico City, Mexico:
I'm happy to write to your column again. In your opinion and aside from the evident run-stopping problems the Jaguars defense had, don't you think Hugh Douglas was a non-factor in the second half?

Vic: Non-factor? No. But he can be more of a factor.

Keith from Jacksonville:
I, and I'm sure millions of die-hard Jag fans listen to your shows on Monday and Wednesday, however, the links to the shows on the multimedia page haven't been updated for two weeks, which means if we can't listen to these Emmy-quality shows live, we'll never hear them. Is there anyway you, Brian or Jeff can get the shows archived on the web site again?

Vic: Keith, and everybody else who continues to send this same e-mail question to a person who has to carry computer start-up instructions in his wallet, I don't even know what you're talking about. Multimedia page? Really? We have one of those? I just write and talk. So, I can't help you with this problem except to publish your question and my non-answer with the hope one of the eggheads in IT will fix the problem.

Jan from Jacksonville:
Exactly what are the NFL guidelines for considering a team for blackout?

Vic: Exactly? Well, every non-premium ticket must be sold 72 hours in advance of kickoff. That's the rule, exactly. The Jaguars have created some exceptions to the exact rule because Wayne Weaver wants his team's fans to see the game.

Warren from Sebeka, MN:
I love this web page. I look at it every day to see what you have to say. My question is do you think the Jaguars will ever win a Super Bowl. I know it's a weird question but, really, do you think they will? I think they won't; they suck.

Vic: I think they will and they don't. So, there.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
What did you think about Steve Spurrier's opening game? He made conservative calls throughout the game on fourth-and-short, and just ran the clock with a little less than a minute going into halftime. It looks like he's ready to put in a good year.

Vic: : I was impressed. Win a low-scoring game? Wow! Is there any chance Steve Spurrier has learned his lesson, that pro football is a different game from college football? If he has, then he'll have a chance to succeed. But if he resorts back to his old habits, this could be his last year. Now, when is Mike Martz going to learn his lesson?

Jacques from London, England:
Back to the Panthers' toss-sweep success in the second half. Shouldn't the coaches have made some adjustment when they noticed the Panthers repeatedly gained valuable yards running this play to Tony Brackens' side? Seeing that Tony and company just weren't getting the job done! Again, I am not saying the players aren't to blame, but shouldn't that become a chief responsibility of the coaching staff at that instance?

Vic: Jack Del Rio said yesterday he knew right away what the problem was. We asked what the problem was but Del Rio declined to answer, and I respect that because finger-pointing isn't a good thing. All I can assume is an attempt to fix the problem was made and made quickly. It just didn't work. In that case, you have to blame the players, right?

Dave from Saint Marys, GA:
Why are there two blackout deadlines? The first is the deadline, but then teams can file for an extension. Why don't they just make the second deadline the real deadline? Is there some kind of penalty for asking for the extension?

Vic: There's no penalty. Teams close to selling out on Thursdays ask for the extension because they believe by kickoff they'll be sold out and they want the game to be televised to their fans. The NFL wants their games televised, but they don't want to give away their product.

William from Redlands, CA:
What is the deal on the multimedia page on this website? The archive of your radio shows are sometimes not posted and half the time don't play. Would you see if you can do something to get it fixed. I'm dying to hear your shows in Caleefornia, as Arnold would say.

Vic: Same answer as above. I just wanted the IT people to see Caleefornia is complaining, too.

Tim from Savannah, GA:
In the game Sunday, the announcers mentioned that Byron Leftwich was second on the depth chart ahead of David Garrard. Is that true?

Vic: David Garrard was designated "third quarterback." Jack Del Rio said that will remain that way until announced differently.

Bobby from Orange Park, FL:
You mentioned in a response to stop the damn run or get players who will. With two first-round tackles and one defensive end who should be one of the best in the league, or at least was the last few years, add another high-paid linebacker in the middle, what the hell is wrong with the run-defense? What would you recommend? Clean house and start over?

Vic: This is such an important issue with Jack Del Rio that if doesn't get fixed by the end of the season people may get pushed out at 37,000 feet on the way back from Atlanta. At least, that would be my solution.

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