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Campservations: Day 4


JACKSONVILLE – Jaguars 2021 Training Camp continued Saturday.

It was the fourth day of the team's first training camp under Head Coach Urban Meyer, featuring an unpadded practice at the Dream Finders Homes Practice Complex. Each day throughout camp, four members of Jaguars Media – senior writer John Oehser, senior correspondent Brian Sexton, team reporter Ashlyn Sullivan and senior reporter/editor J.P. Shadrick – will share an observation.

Here are Saturday's "campservations:"


A couple of thoughts as we close Week 1 of '21 camp: One is that it's clear Head Coach Urban Meyer can't wait to get out of the non-padded phase of camp and into the padded – i.e., the competition – phase. "The real stuff starts next week," he said early in his post-practice presser Saturday. Meyer on Saturday also prefaced multiple answers about offensive players by reminding reporters that defensive players weren't allowed to do much the first four days – and that was going to change in a big way next week. Second thought: Contact or no contact, it's clear that this is a faster team offensively than last season. Maybe it's how quickly quarterback Trevor Lawrence makes decisions. Or maybe it's the addition of running back Travis Etienne and other skill players. Whatever, this team looks quicker than before.


Etienne possesses rare physical characteristics. His speed is evident to the most casual of fans, but his fluid hips and quick feet make him not only fast but sudden and quick. So, a player who is hard enough to run with or catch is made even more dangerous because he gives the impression of running one way and suddenly he's headed the other direction and impossible to stay with. It's easy to see why Meyer wouldn't want to declare him simply a running back when he is capable of creating mismatches all over the formation.

Shadrick …

Lawrence has been fun to watch the first four days, but hearing him speak with the media for the first time in camp after practice Saturday was even better. He was candid about still having work to do to "own" the offensive scheme and said more repetition in the two-minute offense is needed. In addition, Meyer urged caution with the success of the offense through four practices, considering the defense is not allowed to contest passes. That changes next week. The "fun" part of camp is just about over, and the competitive portion begins Tuesday when the pads go on for the first time.

Sullivan …

Meyer on Saturday confirmed this week was a warmup for the real test starting next week. Jaguars coaches put the team through situational clock management drills Saturday where we were able to see who has picked up the mental side of the game. However, Meyer will start tallying who is doing what once the pads go on next week. Every position group is a competition and the coaching staff was told to take all subjectivity out of who makes the final 53-man roster.

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