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Challenges facing each coach

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from Van Buren, AR:
I just wanted to say thanks for the way you handled the Matt Jones questions. It is clear to me, through reading "Ask Vic" for a few years, now that you don't necessarily like Matt Jones as a player, but I have yet to see you print negative views on his personal life. As a fan of the Jaguars and as a Christian man, I say thanks.

Vic: I won't judge someone's lifestyle. Why? Because my glass house breaks very easily. If you're a parent, you get what I mean. There isn't a family immune to heartache. The ones that sit in judgment are the ones that either don't have children or their children are grown and have perfect existences and perfect children of their own. So how many of those families are there? My best wishes go out to Matt Jones. I find nothing entertaining about his recent arrest, nor does it affect me in any way as to my opinion of him as a football player.

Mario from San Francisco, CA:
Are there any NFL game rules you would like to see eliminated or modified. If so, could you please give an example and explain why? Thank you.

Vic: I'd like to see the league adopt rules that would favor the running game. Why does it always have to be the passing game that's favored? They won't allow defensive backs to touch a receiver beyond five yards of the line of scrimmage. All right, how about limiting the defense to seven defenders within five yards of the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball? I like the running game. I like great running backs. In my opinion, they embody the very spirit of the game.

James from Jacksonville:
I didn't realize that positions were limited by a numerical range. What is the range of numbers that a QB can choose from?

Vic: A quarterback may wear any number from one to 19.

Jared from Orlando, FL:
When will people start using a little grey matter when they read your comments? Ever since I've been reading you, you've always praised youth over age.

Vic: When I say it's a young man's game, I'm speaking in a broad sense. I'm saying that if you apply that philosophy to every situation, you will win more times than you lose. Maybe Jason Taylor will be a great player for the Redskins. Maybe Brett Favre will go some place and be a difference-maker for somebody. But if you examine all of the old-guy acquisitions, I think you'll see that more often than not, the team lost. If you're clairvoyant, you can pick this old guy and not that old guy, but I'm not clairvoyant so I defer to the percentages and the percentages clearly favor youth.

Steve from Woodbine, GA:
ESPN was talking about the Jason Taylor trade this morning and they commented that the Jags had to be the most upset team in the league about this trade and how bad they blew it on draft day. It was on "Mike and Mike" and they went on to say that drafting Groves was a big mistake, if the goal was to win now.

Vic: The goal should not be to "win now." The goal should be to "win always." When you attempt to "win now," you are assuring that you will "lose later."

James from Princeton, IN:
Del Rio, Dungy, Fisher, Kubiak: Your thoughts on the challenges that each faces this year?

Vic: Jack Del Rio's challenge is for his team to meet expectations. Hopes are high. Reaching up to those heights will not be easy. Tony Dungy faces that situation on a yearly basis. This year is no different but I think the challenge is even greater this year because I think the Colts are starting to show some wear and tear. In my opinion, patching new players into the lineup will be Dungy's greatest challenge. Jeff Fisher lost a lot on defense in free agency. That would be a top challenge for any coach but I think Fisher has an even greater challenge at quarterback. If it turns out that Vince Young isn't the guy, well, then the Titans are back to square one. Gary Kubiak has to start showing results. The Texans have to be playoff contenders this year. That's the challenge Kubiak faces.

Stephen from St. Augustine, FL:
Are there any spots open in your golf tournament?

Vic: We'll be doing a final call soon.

Adam from London, UK:
Don't you think it's critical that the Jags get Harvey and Groves signed before camp opens on Friday?

Vic: I think it's critical that the Jaguars get their top two draft picks signed to contracts that make sense for those two players' long-term futures with the team, regardless of when.

Robert from Havana, FL:
Have you figured out why fans are always wanting to trade away our future on old, burned out veterans that only have a year or two left in them?

Vic: Yeah, I know why fans like to do that. They like to do that for the same reason they like to spend money now instead of saving it for the future. In other words, they lack discipline.

Ryan from Mineville, NY:
Does Porter have to be on PUP before the start of training camp or can it be right before the season begins, since he wouldn't be practicing?

Vic: He must be on PUP before the first training camp practice, or he loses his PUP eligibility.

Will from Jacksonville:
Was that an endorsement of Obama?

Vic: It was an endorsement of his book.

Nick from Las Vegas, NV:
What's the single-most important thing you will need to see of the Jaguars coming out of training camp and preseason to lead you to believe this team can go to the next level and compete for a Super Bowl title?

Vic: I need to know that they've truly improved their wide receiving corps, and I need to see evidence that they can play the style of defense for which Gregg Williams is famous.

Gregg from Ocala, FL :
You're such a bleeding heart.

Vic: In life, yes, but not in football.

Marc from Middleburg, FL:
Did you read or hear about Michael Silver's Yahoo column? He ranked the owners of the NFL teams and put Weaver last. What is your take on it?

Vic: This has become an annual event: Michael Silver writes a column that savages Wayne Weaver and Jacksonville, and then I get a raft of questions asking me to make sense of the attack. Here's what I can tell you: Two weeks ago, I sat in Weaver's office, looked him right in the eye and asked him if his team was for sale. He looked right back into my eyes and said the team was not for sale. He added that one day it's possible that he'll sell it, but when that day comes he would sell the team to a buyer who is committed to keeping the Jaguars in Jacksonville. I'm sure you read the story I wrote for from that interview. It featured Weaver's stern denial that the team was for sale, and his remarks were directly attributed to him, not an unnamed owner. Silver, in fact, used a quote from that interview in his most recent criticism of Weaver. I have no new information. The best information I have is what I provided to you two weeks ago. You have to form your own opinion on this subject.

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