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Clothes make the man?

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Steve from Philadelphia, PA:
When the players come in to workout at the stadium during the offseason, are they allowed to be coached by the strength coaches?

Vic: Conditioning instruction is permitted at any time. It's on-field, coach-conducted practice sessions that are restricted.

Patrick from Elida, OH:
You said the Tennessee running back situation looks the same, but does the way Jacksonville feel about playing Tennessee change? They seem to have been a worry point on the schedule for the past few years. Does that change?

Vic: The Titans have been a "worry point" on the Jaguars schedule for more than the past few years. Simply put, the Titans have dominated the Jaguars and this franchise will not have truly altered its course until it ends the Titans' domination. A lot of people believe the Jaguars took a serious step in that direction in the second game between the two teams last season, when the Jaguars were clearly the more physical team in a 10-3 loss in Tennessee. We won't have to wait long this season to know whether that was a true or false step; the Jaguars play in Tennessee in week three. The fact of the matter is that Tennessee has won five straight and 10 of the last 12 games between the two teams, and until the Jaguars start winning some of those games, nothing's changed.

Ben from Phoenix, AZ:
May I just say that the Jags had something really good going with their old teal jerseys and white pants. Now the new white jerseys with black numbers and lettering, and an all-black look that just doesn't look right; why didn't the team just stick with the old uniforms?

Vic: People want change. I've probably received more e-mails about black jerseys than I have about any other topic. Uniform design isn't high on my list of priorities, but it clearly has an important place with a lot of fans. That's the reason for the change.

A.J. from Jacksonville:
I am not impressed with the Jaguars new uniform. What do you think about them?

Vic: I knew when I wrote that story yesterday that I would be barraged by uniform e-mails. Hey, what the heck, there's nothing else going on. Frankly, I think they look pretty good. Of course, I wouldn't care much if they looked pretty bad.

Mikey from Richmond Hill, GA:
What was the longest drive in a game?

Vic: A golfer named Mike Austin officially recorded the longest drive in PGA tour event history, when Austin knocked the ball 515 yards in a golf tournament in Nevada in the mid-1970s. Austin, a legendary long-drive champion who putted like the proverbial 500-pound gorilla, accomplished the 515-yard feat with a persimmon wood and a ball today's pros wouldn't use on the range. I recently read a story on Austin. He's 94 years old, teaching golf from a wheelchair and still speaks with the same salty language that you would expect from a guy who hit a golf ball 515 yards. That's what you meant by longest drive, right?

Ian from Chesapeake, VA:
I know you don't like to talk about fashion when it comes to football, but what do you think about the new white jerseys? I like them a lot. I think it matches the helmets a lot better than the old ones. It's perfect.

Vic: Yeah, I like them, I like them, but I must admit, the black pants and white shirts remind me a little of my First Holy Communion.

Lynn from Jacksonville:
What do you think of the various coaches? Any hopes for improvements there this year?

Vic: You'd have to really hunt to find a coach in the NFL who isn't a top-notch instructor. These are the best coaches the game has to offer and I've never known one in 32 years of covering this league who didn't have my respect. Yes, I think Jack Del Rio has assembled a quality coaching staff.

Kel from Santa Rosa, CA:
You must be sick of uniform comments. Who is theoretically next in line to settle his contract? I'm getting nervous about having Reggie in camp on time.

Vic: Expect the low-round picks to begin signing.

Jason from Houston, TX:
Why change the jerseys to more black? How many teams in this league have black? Oakland and Pittsburgh are the top two that come to mind. How many teams wear teal? None. Why would they take away something unique to this franchise?

Vic: Black is all the rage. It'll eventually pass and Oakland and Pittsburgh will be left to re-claim what was theirs.

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