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Come into my house

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Blake from Tallahassee, FL:
Wow! Randy Moss has been waived. Does anyone doubt the savvy of the Patriots now?

Vic: Like takin' candy from a baby.

Simon from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
OMG! Tell Gene Smith to claim Randy Moss right now.

Vic: Why do you have to hurt me like this? Haven't I taught you well? It's a young man's game and wide receivers are a dime a dozen. Maybe it's time for you to stop reading "Ask Vic." I've failed you.

Josh from Lanesboro, MN:
You nailed the Patriots' trade of Randy Moss being a bad deal for the Vikings. Did you see this coming?

Vic: Of course I did. He's an old guy whose production had fallen off. Do you think Bill Belichick would've traded him if he still had game? It's real simple: If Belichick wants to trade a guy, there's something wrong with him and you shouldn't make that deal. Players, not plays, and picks, not players.

J.P. from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Am I imagining it, Vic? Am I being too optimistic when I feel like I see the talented, young draft picks starting to emerge? The foundation of the house is forming and the next two drafts are going to put the walls and roof on. Shouldn't we feel good about 4-4 right now, as it seems to me we are heading in the right direction?

Vic: As long as your perspective is long range, there's nothing wrong with being optimistic. The house is under construction and a little more gets done all the time, but we're not anywhere near ready to move in, yet.

Wally from Jacksonville:
I'm a big fan of your in-game blog but recently read an NFL policy against play-by-play blogging and Tweeting during games. Do you have to be very careful about what you blog during the games or do you have a loophole since you write for the official team website?

Vic: I don't know. I'll let someone tell me. It sounds as though you read my blog. Do you think I'm careful about what I write?

Patrick from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What did you think about the Cowboys stadium? Do you like Dallas or Pittsburgh's stadium better?

Vic: I like Heinz Field much more than the one in Dallas and that's not a homer job, that's the truth. I like Heinz Field better and EverBank Field better and the new ones in Tennessee, Philadelphia, New England, Cleveland, Chicago, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, etc. better. Why? Because all of those stadiums feel like football. The one in Dallas doesn't feel like football. It's almost comical to think that Lambeau Field and the new stadium in Dallas are in the same league. Lambeau is a bench seat in the cold and snow. Dallas Cowboys Stadium is fine Corinthian leather in front of a giant video screen. Give me the bench seat in the cold. I've got a chair and a TV at home.

Adrian from Reading, United Kingdom:
"It's not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand."

Vic: Yes, there is hope. I'm sensing that a lot of Jaguars fans had quit on the season. They had their excuse ready to go. No excuse now, huh?

Jeff from Jacksonville:
What do you look for when trying to find a good head coach on a coaching staff?

Vic: If I'm an owner assembling a list of head coach candidates, I'm looking for guys who believe in a style of play that is consistent with the identity I want for my team. Once I have that list of candidates, I'm looking for the guy who impresses me as the best communicator and teacher. They all know football. That's not a concern. I want the guy who can communicate and teach. I want him to have a stable personality and engender respect and belief in his players, and I want him to hire coaches that embody the same attributes I've identified in my head coach. It's also important that the coach is agreeable with the structure of my franchise, mostly as it pertains to the chain of command in personnel decisions and team policy.

Jay from Denver, CO:
Just to let you know, I am on the "I like to watch" bandwagon. I have been a Jags fan since day one and this has been my favorite season so far. I am enjoying watching this young football team grow up in front of my eyes. I have a greater appreciation for the true drama of the game. My wife, myself and my two-year-old son will be back home in Florida for Christmas and will be going to the Jags/Redskins game and I can't wait. Whatever happens the rest of this year, better days are around the corner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

Vic: No problem. They pay me to do it.

Craig from Valhalla, NY:
Does a statistician come up with all those tidbits you posted in your articles from the game?

Vic: PR departments are vigilant about that kind of stuff. Ryan Robinson is the major of minutiae.

John from Neptune Beach, FL:
Has the game ended or are there still challenges and replay reviews going on?

Vic: I'm with you, John. That was way over the top and it just keeps getting worse. I turned on the TV to watch the game last night when I got home and what was the first thing I saw? A time out for replay review, followed by the extremely boring referee's explanation of what happened, which is starting to sound more every week like an officiating seminar. Plus, I don't think I agreed with one of the replay review decisions they made in Sunday's game. I'm at the point now that I just wait for it to end so the game can resume. If there's one thing about football I could change, replay review would be it. I would use it only for plays involving potential touchdowns.

Jason from Lakeland, FL:
During the game on Sunday, I noticed there was a priest in a Jaguars hat and jacket standing behind Jack Del Rio on the sideline. Do priests and ministers travel with the team from Jacksonville? What purpose do they serve on the sideline?

Vic: That's Father Tom Willis. We bring him along on road trips for things such as confession, Last Rites, etc.

Neil from Durham, NC:
Let's not get too excited that Garrard is the fourth-rated passer in the NFL this year. Vince Young is number two. I think there's a chance this is a misleading statistic.

Vic: When have I ever said passer ratings are the gauge of good quarterbacks? I've been very consistent about this. Good quarterbacks are about crunch time. Good quarterbacks play their best football when the game is on the line. Great quarterbacks play their best football in the postseason.

James from Memphis, TN:
Can you call a fair catch on an onside kick? I swore I saw some team do that this weekend.

Vic: An onside kick can be fair caught, provided it hasn't hit the ground.

Patrick from Wausau, WI:
I got my notice from the Green Bay Packers the other day. I am number 32,036 in line for general-bowl season tickets after almost 15 years on the list. I'm not likely to see number one in my lifetime. I can only hope one day the Jaguars can have a waiting list this long and move this slow.

Vic: How old are you? This could be a problem.

Phil from Ft. Collins, CO:
The Bucs finished the 2009 season 3-13. Their rebuilding process seems to be ahead of schedule. How would you compare their situation vs. the Jags?

Vic: They've done a good job of winning the win-able games. They got wacked by the Steelers and Saints. The schedule is going to stiffen now. They'll play Atlanta twice and Baltimore in the next five weeks. That'll give us a better idea of where they really are.

Todd from Jacksonville:
By wearing white at home, have the Cowboys consciously chosen to make their white jersey their only jersey?

Vic: Yes, they have. They did that long ago and it's a great way of establishing an identity, but let's not give the Cowboys credit for inventing that, too. The Browns were wearing white at home long before the Cowboys came into existence.

Kevin from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I cannot believe some of the reactions to your articles after Sunday's victory. Spin doctor? Homer? Other angry accusations. You eloquently described where the team sits (at 4-4) going into the second half of the season and people are accusing you of bias? Sometimes I am scared that I live in this area.

Vic: As I've said, there's a cultural divide in this town. There's an element that wants the Jaguars to fail. These people are most easily identified when the team experiences success.

John from Jacksonville:
Why, if you have to have both feet down in bounds for a completion, do you only have to have one elbow down in bounds (as was the referee's explanation of the reviewed Cowboys completion on Sunday)?

Vic: One elbow or one knee or one of anything else other than your hands or feet is worth two feet.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
This was the second week in a row I've noticed something on extra-point attempts. The referee behind the defensive line is pushing a player either to the left or right. What's that all about?

Vic: Without knowing to what players you are referring, I'll assume it was the umpire and or back judge helping to align the defensive linemen in the middle of the line. They are not permitted to line up directly over the center's nose. It's a newish rule and special teams coaches ask the umpire to assist, so as to avoid a penalty.

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