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Contracts, Taylor, kickers and more

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Charles Vann from Atlanta, GA:
If players can refuse to show up for camp or refuse to play because they are unhappy with their contracts and want new deals, why can't owners do the same and void contracts with the intent of renegotiating deals that are more salary cap friendly?
Vic: Nobody can be forced to play, but a player does not extinguish his contract by holding out. If a player has two years remaining on his contract when he decides to hold out for a season in protest, he still has two years remaining on that contract when the season is over.

Joseph Cheah from Boston, MA:
Considering the Jags' cap woes for next season, specifically the possible loss of McCardell, and considering the health problems of Fred Taylor, would it be feasible to move him to wide receiver? I believe Taylor can catch and matching up against cornerbacks and safeties is less physically-punishing than the defensive line and the linebackers. The Jags would then draft a running back and even bring Taylor into the backfield for certain situations.
Fred Taylor's talents are suited for running back, not wide receiver. I feel certain personnel people would agree.

David Kanaszka from Neptune Beach, FL:
Your opinion is much appreciated on this question that has been bugging me. In football, there are two positions (in my opinion) that are easier than any other. They are punter and kicker. These two positions require virtually no more than just plain kicking. They don't need to study game tape, they don't need to practice blocking, they don't need to learn the playbook. All they have to do is kick. That is virtually their only responsibility in life. They just kick in practice and they just kick in games. With this being said, how are kickers seemingly getting worse and not better? Kicking is repetition; take three steps and kick. These guys have nothing to do from sun up to sun down except kick. I feel if the average athlete could take a trainer for 8-12 hours a day, within a few months he'd be doing as well or better than any of these guys kicking now. Vic, I'll bet if you had a trainer and nothing else to do but learn to kick field goals all day long, and you dedicated yourself, you would be nailing 45-yarders in three months. If kicking is the only thing they do, why isn't it any better than it is?
Vic: Did you ever hear the joke about the one-legged punter? How's life, he was asked? I can't kick, he said.

Suzanne Webster from Jacksonville:
Just for fun, at what point mathematically are the Jaguars out of contention for the playoffs as long as they keep winning?
Vic: The Jaguars would be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention the moment a minimum of six teams in the AFC have won more games than it's possible for the Jaguars to win, or have won as many games as it's possible for the Jaguars to win and hold the tiebreaker advantage over the Jaguars.

Tyler Davis from Jacksonville:
Has there ever been a running back who was plagued by injuries, yet, still was resilient enough to rebound and have a strong career? Is this possible for Fred Taylor, or have his previous injuries already taken a toll?
Vic: There have been a lot of running backs who've rebounded from injuries. Terry Allen overcame ACL reconstruction on both knees. Garrison Hearst nearly had to have his foot amputated a couple of years ago. However, injuries do take their toll and that has to be a concern with Fred Taylor. For that reason, I expect the Jaguars to go for a running back high in next spring's draft.

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