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Coughlin's son was in World Trade Center


News of the disaster at New York's World Trade Center left Jaguars coach Tom Coughlin and his wife, Judy, to endure some frightening moments this morning. Coughlin's oldest son, Tim, was inside one of the two WTC towers when it was struck by a commercial airliner that is believed to have been used in a terrorist attack.

"My son, Tim, works for Morgan Stanley on the 60th floor at the World Trade Center, in the building that was hit by the second plane. My son, Brian, was able to reach Tim on his cell phone as he was on the 29th floor, going down the stairway to leave the building when both buildings were being evacuated. At that time, Tim did not know the second plane had crashed into the building in which he worked," Coughlin said in a statement issued by the Jaguars this afternoon.

The two WTC towers were each struck by separate commercial airliners, about 18 minutes apart. Both towers collapsed later in the morning.

"I spoke with Tim when he got to street level, and again later in the day. He got out safely and my family and I thank God for that, but we are equally burdened for those who lost loved ones today, and for those who are still awaiting word about their loved ones," Coughlin added.

"As we remember those who have suffered a loss, we must also support and pray for our nation's leaders and all of our military personnel. Our country needs all of its people to come together in full support of our leadership and of our military forces in this critical time," the coach said in the statement.

Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver offered these words to Jaguars fans: "We are in contact with the league office and will know more on Wednesday about any decision regarding our games this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the many people who were victimized by this tragedy today."

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