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Coughlin says much still at stake


Tom Coughlin isn't letting up. As expected, Coughlin is as intense about this Saturday's season finale, as he is about every game. In fact, Coughlin's words are all but challenging his players to give their best effort in a game that will have no bearing on the Jaguars in any way other than opinion.

"We're trying to reestablish ourselves in the final game, because I think that's how it'll be defined," Coughlin said when asked how this season will be remembered.

The New York Giants' motivation is strong. The Giants (11-4) will clinch homefield advantage for the NFC playoffs with a win this Saturday over the Jaguars (7-8) and a Minnesota loss the following day in Indianapolis.

"They have a lot at stake, and we have a lot at stake, too," Coughlin said, though his team was eliminated from playoff contention a couple of weeks ago.

Coming off Sunday's late-game collapse in Cincinnati, the Jaguars are at their lowest point of the season. They were humiliated by a Bengals team that has been the doormat of the league for 10 years, then the Jaguars were blistered verbally by Coughlin in the postgame locker room.

Today, the Jaguars locker room was empty at media time. Those players who honored media requests offered less than inspired responses: "Yes, we want to finish with a win, and there's no quit in here, and this game is important to this team."

The Jaguars appear to be a team that'll be relieved to end the season Saturday.

"Will I be relieved? I will not be relieved when the season comes to a close," Coughlin shot back at a reporter. "I'll tell you what my emotions will be, based on the next game.

"Some of the problems that existed early in the year reared their ugly head Sunday (in Cincinnati). The way you finish up has a lot to do with the emotions you feel in the offseason," Coughlin said.

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