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Covers are permanent

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

David from Maplewood, NJ:
You have to go to Scotland; the golf courses are everywhere. My wife and I spent our honeymoon there for a week. I'd be interested to get your take on this. The week of our honeymoon, my wife tried to convince me to leave her for the day and play a round of golf. Am I dumb for turning her down or smart for avoiding the pitfall that I feel would have come back to bite me in the you know what?

Vic: There are two possibilities: 1.) She met somebody in Scotland and wanted to have an affair, which would've eased your burden and allowed you to play more golf. 2.) It was a set-up. She was testing you. If you had gone golfing, she would've made the rest of your life a living hell. I played golf on my honeymoon.

Chris from Conway, AR:
Has Jones been that bad in OTA's, or are you just reacting to the hype? Do you just think he's soft until he proves otherwise (in pads)?

Vic: Matt Jones isn't going to prove anything in OTA's. We know he's big, athletic and can run and catch. The only question about Jones is his toughness and you're not going to answer that in "underwear" practice.

Dan from Jacksonville:
The fumble into the end zone seems like one of the most unfair rules of the game. A family member explained to me that Kenny Stabler fumbling the ball forward for a gain helped cause a ruling change. Is that true?

Vic: It's known as the "Holy Roller." The Raiders were playing in San Diego in 1978. Ten seconds remained to be played when Stabler dropped back to pass from the 14-yard-line. Chargers defensive end Fred Dean broke through the line and hit Stabler, who shoved the ball forward. Pete Banaszak then pushed the ball toward the end zone and Dave Casper did the same and then fell on the ball in the end zone for a touchdown. Stabler admitted after the game that he fumbled the ball on purpose. When the extra point was kicked, the Raiders had won the game. The league amended the rule so that, inside the two-minute warning, only the player who fumbles the ball may advance it. Jerry Markbreit was the referee in the game and he was judged to have made the correct ruling, according to the rules of the day. I've always felt that Markbreit should not have allowed the touchdown, citing illegal batting of the football or a palpably unfair act.

Jonas from Jacksonville:
Great news; non-premium seat season tickets are sold out. With that said, will single-game tickets still be available?

Vic: I guess there's a chance somebody could return a ticket or the visiting team may not use its full allotment but, generally speaking, I think you should interpret "sold out" to mean "all gone." There are some premium-seat tickets still available.

Scott from Houghton, MI:
If Mickelson choked, what did Tiger do, come back too fast without playing in awhile?

Vic: Tiger went to Winged Foot, but his swing stayed at home. He didn't choke. He never chokes.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
Which seats are non-premium and which are not? What's the difference between the two?

Vic: In the non-premium seats, you sweat. In the premium seats, the dancing girls sweat.

Kyle from Flagler Beach, FL:
After hearing the news about all 54,000 premium seats being sold out through season tickets, do you think Wayne Weaver will be uncovering all the seats within the next couple of seasons?

Vic: Absolutely not. If he makes the seating capacity of Alltel Stadium adjustable, the covers accomplish nothing. If the capacity is adjustable, then the fans know there will always be another seat available, which means supply will always exceed demand. For the covers to tilt the balance of supply and demand toward demand, they have to be permanent. They are.

Michael from Jacksonville:
Do you think the NFL will ever go to a best-of series, like basketball, baseball and hockey?

Vic: I appreciate the physical demands of hockey and how tough those guys are to do what they do, but the physical demands of football won't permit a best-of-anything series. It's a now-or-never game in the postseason, which is why it's so important to have big-game, big-play players. As I said previously, the ability to perform under pressure is grossly unappreciated. It's a talent. It's a specific skill. Don't think Tom Brady is 10-1 in the postseason because he got lucky. He's 10-1 in the postseason because he plays his best football when it counts the most. The flip side … well, everybody knows the flip side.

Brian from Boston, MA:
For us out-of-town Jaguar fanatics, does the selling out of season tickets mean there will be no single-game tickets available throughout the season?

Vic: This is the saddest day in "Ask Vic" history.

Jack from Dundas, Ontario:
What is the supplemental draft? Why is there a second draft?

Vic: The supplemental draft is for players who didn't declare eligibility for the regular draft but have since decided they want to play professional football or may no longer play college football.

John from Jacksonville:
Where exactly on the field do the "X" and "Y" receivers line up?

Vic: "X" is the split end and "Y" is the tight end.

Bud from Hot Springs, AR:
Looks like the draft has added some bright prospects for the offense and with the returning players I feel very confident, however, I am concerned about the defense. Do you really think it has the talent to take the team to the Super Bowl?

Vic: Don't worry about the defense.

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