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Curry still chasing dream


Walter Curry's pursuit of the dream continues.

"I'm back where I started," the effervescent and popular Curry said of his return to the Jaguars, where he spent two years on the team's practice squad and earned enough money to buy an 18-wheeler and join his father in the trucking business.

Those two years represent the high-water mark of Curry's NFL career, but don't even begin to tell the story of his professional football life. Curry, the 6-4, 310-pound proverbial brick house of a defensive lineman, has made it to the final cut three times with two NFL teams. He's also played two seasons in NFL Europe, two seasons in the Canadian Football League and was signed to a contract with San Jose of the Arena Football League when he signed to play for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.

It all started when Curry signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2005 as an undrafted free agent. He was leaving behind a career at Albany State, where he was the Division II player of the year and the nation's leader in sacks and tackles for loss.

"I love the game. I've got my heart and mind set to play football another five, six years," Curry said.

In Toronto, Curry posted some impressive tackle stats, despite playing time that was limited by the CFL's rule that restricts the number of American players on the field.

"I called here and I got a workout," Curry said of how he came to re-sign with the Jaguars. "Coach said to learn defensive tackle and defensive end."

Curry is one of those players who will do whatever he's told. His energy, enthusiasm and work ethic are such that he's a plus to any team's offseason roster. What chance, however, does he have of making the final roster?

"That's the question you can't answer. You tell your mind your chances are great. The coaches say keep up the good work. You have to wait to see if you get the phone call that you're cut or get the phone call to come to practice and the team picture. It's something you can't think about or you won't go full speed in practice," Curry said.

This is a game of the heart for the man with the gold teeth and the big, warm smile. He's willing to risk heartbreak for the chance to realize his dream.

"I can't figure it out and every time I ask what I'm missing, they always say it's not your work ethic, it's a numbers game. Like I told coach today, don't bulljibe me. I'll do what you say. I'll run through a wall," Curry said.

What's it gonna take to make it?

"Go 110 every day, all day," Curry said. "It's right here, man. I just wanna play a couple of years and then I'll move on."

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