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David Allen Europe star

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Pat from Jacksonville:
Can you update us on the Jaguars' NFL Europe players and how they are doing?

Vic: Jaguars running back David Allen earned NFL Europe's Special Teams Player of the Week honor after returning four kickoffs for 129 yards, including a 74-yard touchdown return in the Berlin Thunder's 34-17 loss to Scotland last weekend. Allen, who started at running back, rushed eight times for 69 yards and had two receptions for 28 yards, including a 23-yard TD catch. He leads the league with 805 combined yards and is sixth in rushing with 193 yards. F.C. Barcelona cornerback Jason Olford started and recorded five solo tackles in a 11-3 win over Rhein. F.C. Barcelona tight end Matt Cercone started and had one reception for seven yards. Frankfurt quarterback Quinn Gray played and passed for 11 yards in a 20-16 loss to Amsterdam. Rhein strong safety Abdual Howard played and tallied six solo tackles. Amsterdam wide receiver Kerry Hood saw action and had one special teams tackle.

Brian from Savannah, GA:
Where is the money coming from to sign Leftwich? For that matter, the rest of the picks.

Vic: The Jaguars' current salary cap status includes "rookie pool" room for signing the new draft class.

Josh from Las Vegas, NV:
I read the "Ask Vic" segment a lot. I have never really had a question before but now I am just wondering, did the Ravens ever try to trade picks with the Jags? If so, what kind of deal did they try to work out? It seems if they wanted Byron Leftwich as bad as they were said to have, we could have gotten a pretty good deal.

Vic: I would tend to agree with you. That's why it would seem the Jaguars were determined to draft Byron Leftwich; because a trade didn't happen between the Jaguars and the Ravens, who knew they had to get ahead of the Jaguars' in the draft order.

Andre from Jacksonville:
This question is again about the draft, but not about the Jaguars. Why would the Bills pick Willis McGahee when they drafted their franchise running back in Travis Henry? How will he expect playing time against Henry?

Vic: I was talking to Buffalo Assistant General Manager Tom Modrak yesterday and he thought the Willis McGahee pick was a "no-brainer." Modrak and Bills President Tom Donahoe clearly decided McGahee's value was too high to pass up. Forget about Travis Henry and the need issue. Listen up, folks: The draft, especially the first round, is all about value.

Jordan from Ontario, Canada:
I have recently heard of the Jaguars signing rookie free agent Brett Romberg and, being a Jag fan, I am happy because he is a hometown boy. So, my question is: What do you think of Romberg playing center and moving Meester back to guard?

Vic: Maybe we should let Brett make the team before we answer that question.

James from Middleburg, FL:
Vic, your columns just keep getting better and better but I guess that's what you were drafted for. Everybody keeps asking about receivers, but nobody mentions the fact we have Jimmy Smith, one of the best receivers in the NFL; a great veteran receiver in Kevin Lockett, who didn't do much last year but we got him late; and Micah Ross, who could develop well this offseason. I don't get it, Vic, are they not to be considered a talented group of receivers, or am I too optimistic?

Vic: This team has need at wide receiver, but one name you didn't mention is Jimmy Redmond. He's the fastest receiver the Jags have and I wouldn't be surprised if he, well, surprised some people this summer.

Roland from Jacksonville:
My question is about this team's future. I'm excited about this new team but, in a way, I'm sad to see the first decade of Jaguars football disappearing in front of my eyes. But it's certainly happening so I'm going to embrace it. What do you think about the future of Donovin Darius, Fernando Bryant, Tony Brackens and Mark Brunell? Seems like Jimmy Smith and Freddy Taylor are going to be the only players on this roster from the playoff runs of the past.

Vic: Rosters change quickly these days. How about the Ravens, the Super Bowl champs from the 2000 season? Most of the starters from that team are gone and more are on the way out. In the salary cap era, the moment players get expensive, they are one step away from being out the door.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
What position do you see Mathis playing next season? Since we already have a starting free safety and strong safety, could he just play backup and take over for Darius after his one-year contract is up?

Vic: If Rashean Mathis continues to intercept passes as he did at Bethune-Cookman, he can play anywhere he wants.

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