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Deadline creating anxiety

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
The Browns now have 12 picks in the upcoming draft and have cut ties with some key players. It seems as though Holmgren is finally doing things the way they should've been done all along in Cleveland. He's cleaning house and acquiring draft picks. This team's arrow looks to be pointing up and let's not forget what they did to the Jaguars in the season finale last year. Your thoughts, Vic?

Vic: That's how you do it, but you also have to pick the right players.

Ryan from Cincinnati, OH:
In response to James' question regarding Peyton over Bradshaw, the "Recency Effect" is exemplified by the poll asking which game is the fans' all-time favorite. I loved the 2007 win over Pittsburgh but the 1996 Denver game was monumental.

Vic: You're absolutely right. There's no way the playoff win in Pittsburgh should be regarded as highly as the playoff win in Denver. First of all, it's one of the NFL's all-time great upsets. It's legendary in the league, not just in Jacksonville. Secondly, it put the Jaguars one step away from the Super Bowl. Thirdly, it established an identity for a young team on the rise and nobody discredited it a few months later by saying holding should've been called on what turned out to be the "game-winning" play. That win in Denver could stand as the greatest game in franchise history for a long, long time.

John from Jacksonville:
Sixty-four or 96 teams? I say you lose the drama if there's no challenge to getting in. By the way, I'm a season ticket holder, not a Jags marketing person. Have you ever seen anything like the "Teal Deals" in other cities?

Vic: I think 64 teams are enough. I remember the days when you had to win your conference to make it into the NCAA tournament. The ACC was the only league back then to have a postseason tournament, and there were years when their best team was upset and didn't make it into the tournament. It was when they went to the at-large bids that the other conferences got into the postseason tournament business. As far as the "Teal Deals," let me say this: In nearly 40 years of covering the NFL, I have never seen any team conduct a more aggressive, thorough and fan-friendly marketing campaign than the one the Jaguars are conducting in this offseason. Everybody blamed the marketing, but they can't blame it now. If this doesn't work, we'll need to hang our heads.

Dane from Gainesville, FL:
What does the season ticket deadline actually mean? After that date, no more season tickets can be purchased? Or after that date, previous ticket holders lose their spot?

Vic: They lose their spot. That's what it means, but I think we all know there's another and more important meaning to the season ticket deadline: If it passes without a significant renewal percentage, we've got problems.

Chris from Colorado Springs, CO:
I keep seeing a lot of rallies and "Team Teal" out-reaches. Are all of these different attempts going to help the ticket sales for next season? What do you think? Are they doing the right things and heading in the right direction?

Vic: They're helping. Tony Boselli and company are doing a fantastic job. The Jaguars marketing department is doing a fantastic job and I think they deserve a special pat on the back for the popular and controversial "Fan Forum." I am a graduate of the school of hard-knocks PR: Write anything you want, just spell the name right. In other words, a little controversy isn't a bad thing because it keeps you in the news.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
I renewed my season tickets last week and jumped at the 30/30 plan. I'll be excited to see the gas gauge jump after the renewal deadline, yet, a big part of me is terrified that it will not move much at all. It has been so draining to worry about our team and ticket sales the last year and a half. Any words of encouragement?

Vic: Here's the best encouragement I can give you: One of the infamous poll questions in the "Fan Forum" asked participants if they would renew their season tickets. Nearly 100 percent responded that they would renew their tickets. We're about to find out the credibility of that poll.

Reece from Australia:
Which teams would most likely trade up to the Jags' 10 spot?

Vic: Any team that has targeted a player they don't believe will make it past 11. Usually that player is a premium-position player, such as quarterback, cornerback, left tackle or right defensive end. Darrelle Revis is a perfect example. Look at the mocks, see which players seem to fit where the Jaguars are picking, and then find a team that desperately wants one of those players.

Raymond from Williamsport, PA:
When will the 2010 regular season schedule be released?

Vic: In a few weeks.

Jason from North Pole, AK:
So how many years into the future can you trade a pick before the trade becomes nominal?

Vic: In 2010, you can't trade a pick beyond the 2012 draft.

Greg from Lake Oswego, OR:
Why does it seem that most free agents seem to visit just one or two teams before signing a contract? It seems as if they don't exhaust all of their options.

Vic: It's common that if a visiting free agent leaves without signing a contract, the offer is off the table. From the team's perspective, they're taking a big risk that the deal won't get done if they let him leave. What you have, therefore, are two motivated parties.

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