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Del Rio on Barnes


"I think we were very fortunate to be able to land an offensive tackle in Khalif Barnes in round two. An elected team captain who actually played defensive tackle as a freshman and has started the last 42 games before he broke his wrist last fall. He's a very aggressive, athletic left tackle. We're excited to be able to add him to the Jaguars and looking forward to getting him in."

(were you surprised that Barnes was available at this spot?) "We're happy that he was there. We think he's a very talented player. Many projections had him going much earlier. I think we'll get a guy that comes in with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder, which is always a good thing. We think he's a good football player."

(what are Barnes' strengths?) "He's very athletic. He ran like a 4.9 40. This is an athletic guy. He's got the athleticism to get out there and protect the left side. He played both left and right because what they did, a lot like Alex Barron and the way they used him at Florida State, where they flip-flopped. So he has some technical work to do in terms of just playing one side but that should come fast. This is a guy who has some athletic ability. He has some aggressiveness and some of the traits we're looking for."

(why do you think Barnes fell so far in the second round?) "We're not really worried about why. We're just happy that he did. I think from this point forward you'll start to see teams go for where their needs are and we're happy to hit it just right with us. We were able to match up value with need and it was a great selection for us."

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