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Del Rio on Reggie Williams


"We're happy to have Reggie Williams joining the Jaguars. I think when you look at what we've added to our team, it's a big, physical, fast wide receiver. He's been productive from the day he arrived at Washington. This is a guy who scored touchdowns from all over the field. He's had several for over 80 yards and 80-plus catches the last two years. Good size, good speed, clean medical bill - a clean background check. This is a clean, solid excellent football player and we're very happy to have him as a Jaguar."

(did you consider trading down? Did you make any calls to trade down?) "We did. We talked about moving up and back. In the end, we didn't want to get behind some people and allow them a window to get up and get him. In the end, it made more sense to stay right there and get our guy. We did have discussions and we did decide there wasn't the value for us for that to make sense for us."

(did Kenechi Udeze's medical issues cause you to back away from him?) "There were issues that were well documented, but we believe that Kenechi Udeze will go on and play well. We just decided this was a better fit for us."

(did Udeze fail your physical?) "No he did not."

(were your thoughts for the first pick offensive or defensive?) "We do this work well in advance. We picked right off our board as they came off. It was a clear choice. This has been worked out in advance. We don't have those kinds of discussions on the clock. We prefer to do that ahead of time and work through it with film and build a consensus that way, and this was our pick."

(did anything happen with the first 8 picks to sway your decision at the 9th pick?) "Nothing happened in terms of who got selected, but how they selected and where. It came off a little bit different than we anticipated, but not in terms of who left the board."

(was the asking price too high to trade up?) "We looked at options of going up and wanted to protect our draft. We didn't feel like giving away our draft for one player. So in the end we stayed pat and made a good selection."

(did you talk to Detroit and Oakland?) "We've talked to everybody on the board this morning."

(was Reggie Williams the next player available on your board?) "Yes."

(was there a pretty good gap between Reggie Williams and the second round wide receiver pick?) "Yes, substantial, and that's not to take anything away from the players that remain on the board. There are a lot of good players out there, but we felt like Reggie belonged in the same class as the two guys that went ahead of him. So I believe we got one of the top notch talents in the draft."

(did Williams' visit make a big impact on you?) "It's all part of the accumulation of information and part of the process we go through in setting our board."

(Were his agents a consideration?) "Yes, we've taken all those types of things into consideration."

(how do you overcome that?) "We're going to negotiate, get our player in on time and not let it become an issue."

(on Reggie Williams playing corner in college) "We don't anticipate him playing any corner for us. We're going to leave him outside and let him play some wideout for us."

(did you place Reggie Williams in the same category as Larry Fitzgerald and Roy Williams?) "Yes."

(is it accurate to say you spoke to teams as high as the fourth pick?) "No, like I said, we talked to everybody. We've talked higher than that."

(did you talk to the Chargers?) "We talked to everybody on the board, and we'll continue to. We've made it very clear we're interested in exploring opportunities to go up or back, and in the end we're going to make decisions that we think reflect value and the best opportunity for us to better ourselves. It just so happens that staying pat was the best thing to do."

(did Buffalo or Pittsburgh contact you about trading up?) "We talked to those teams and many other teams. Like I said, it's part of the process. As Shack Harris says, it's part of the scrimmaging and we'll continue to scrimmage. We have a lot of work to do."

(did you not think you could get Reggie Williams at the 11th or 13th pick?) "We thought we'd rather take the pick than risk not having him there."

(did you have Williams rated higher than most teams?) "Perhaps. Everybody is going to have their own take on the draft board. We watch tape and form our opinion. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. We think he's a good solid football player. A good solid pick."

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