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Del Rio orders locker changes


Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio backed Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin at a recent political rally, but directives by Del Rio on Wednesday would seem to be motivated by president-elect Barack Obama's ideology of hope and change.

Del Rio met with members of the team's leadership council on the field following practice on Wednesday. Meanwhile, several locker assignments were changed inside the Jaguars clubhouse.

"That's between us players and coach Del Rio," center Brad Meester said when asked what was said in the meeting between Del Rio and the team's leadership council. "I'm going to leave it at that."

Members of the leadership council included Daryl Smith, Rashean Mathis, Fred Taylor, Paul Spicer, Maurice Jones-Drew, Marcedes Lewis, Tony Pashos, Montell Owens, David Garrard and Meester.

"We're all doing some soul-searching. The season is far from over. There's still light at the end of the tunnel. We have to, like Jack says, stick together," Taylor said.

The change in locker assignments is undoubtedly an attempt by Del Rio to improve team chemistry. Spicer told reporters that it was also suggested that music in the locker room be played at a more reasonable level.

"Sometimes a little change is good," Del Rio said when asked why he ordered the change in locker assignments. "I've moved guys before."

What is the message, Del Rio was asked?

"My message is delivered, not in the (newspaper), but in meetings," he said.

Del Rio was asked by reporters on Monday why team chemistry this year isn't as good as it was a year ago. "That's the $64 million question," he answered.

"We're going to do the things we think we need to do to give ourselves the best opportunity to win," Del Rio said on Wednesday.

Is the Jaguars clubhouse a happy place, Taylor was asked?

"Ask Jack," Taylor said.

"Any team that is losing is going to have a happiness problem," Garrard said. "It's all about losing, and losing is never fun."

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