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Denard Robinson: Offensive weapon


JACKSONVILLE – He smiled at the camera, then introduced himself:

"Denard Robinson...

"Offensive weapon...

"University of Michigan."

And perhaps around the time of that brief introduction on a Jaguars 101 video on nine days ago, something of an offseason social media sensation was born, as Jaguars (running back/wide receiver/quarterback) Denard Robinson became known to the football world as...

Offensive weapon?

That's right, offensive weapon, which is now the moniker by which Robinson – who was listed as a running back when the Jaguars selected him from Michigan in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft in late April – is now listed on the roster.

Just what is, "Offensive Weapon?" That's what Robinson was asked in the "101" video.

"That means I can play multiple positions," Robinson said with a smile.

Robinson said he still meets with the team's running backs, but there were indications throughout offseason workouts he will line up in a variety of spots. He played quarterback at Michigan before injuries as a senior moved him to running back, and while preparing for the draft, he worked out at the NFL Scouting Combine and the Senior Bowl as a wide receiver.

Since the Jaguars drafted him in late April, there has been widespread speculation how he will be used. He showed striking speed and explosiveness during offseason workouts, and Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell – who has been intrigued with Robinson on and off field since scouting him while with the Atlanta Falcons the past several seasons – said earlier in the offseason the hope was to get Robinson 10-to-15 snaps a game.

Caldwell also said after the draft that Robinson could be used as a kick returner.

Publicly, Jaguars coaches said little specifically during the offseason about how they were going to use Robinson, but late in the offseason, his designation was changed from running back to offensive weapon.

How Robinson will be used has been a source of national speculation. Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote in early June that the Jaguars "have some very interesting offensive wrinkles set" with which to use Robinson and wide receiver Ace Sanders, and the news of the offensive weapon designation has spawned a lot of attention on social media and the web in recent days.

Chris Burke of wrote on Wednesday that the designation "only heightens the intrigue" around Robinson, while Pro Football Talk, and Yahoo also posted about the change.

"Will Robinson be a trendsetter?" Yahoo's Eric Adelson wrote. "It's possible. The NFL craves speed and versatility, and the Florida native has both."

Robinson, meanwhile, isn't so much worried about setting trends as finding a way to make plays for the Jaguars.

"I am in the running back meeting room, so that's where I'm going to continue to make my plays and just be an offensive weapon – go to receiver, or go to quarterback, or go to running back and make plays happens," Robinson said. "So, I want to be an offensive weapon."

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