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Don't abandon foundation

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Lee from Jacksonville:
At the last home game, I was noticing the game-time stats shown on our new scoreboard. When showing the passing stats for Leftwich and Green, the average shown was being calculated by dividing the total yards by the number of attempts. I thought the average was yards divided by completions. Am I wrong or is the scoreboard wrong?

Vic: OK, I knew this was going to happen. You're obsessing on passer-rating calculations, folks. I asked you to let it go, but you can't do it. I'm covering my ears and making a loud noise now.

Patrick from Elida, OH:
So do I have this right, a team will move to LA, not a new team being formed in LA? If this is the case, then when do you think the NFL will expand again?

Vic: When the next star ship stops on earth to deliver a new collection of football players.

Scott from Thunder Bay, Ontario:
This is about the 10th time I've sent you this question because I really want to know what you think. Is it a good idea for me to wear a Jaguars jersey to Minnesota for the game or should I just stick with a hat, or nothing? Let me know, please.

Vic: No, I think you should definitely wear something. It gets cold in late-November in Minnesota.

Andre from Jacksonville:
I know Jason Gildon hasn't played a down as a Jaguar yet, but how would you rate his signing?

Vic: I'd rate it a "Category Two" on the Safford/Simpson Scale, with the definite potential for strengthening.

Scotty from Jacksonville:
James Stewart is one of the best and most effective leapers of all time. As a life-long Volunteer fan, as well as a Jag fan, I have very fond memories of "Little Man," but he did have the curse of putting the ball on the ground on the one. Could you please enlighten us on "Little Man's" status? Could he be a good fit for the Jags?

Vic: He's living in Jacksonville enjoying retirement. It's a young man's game, Scotty.

John from Atwater, CA:
Would you mind doing a little midseason comparison between Jaguar kicker Scobee and Bengal kicker Graham, who the Jaguars were trying to sign during the offseason? Who's the better kicker so far?

Vic: Josh Scobee has converted nine of 11 field-goal attempts with a long of 53 yards. He has also converted nine of nine PAT kicks and has scored 36 points through seven games. Shayne Graham is 12 of 14 in field-goal tries with a long of 53 yards, too. Graham is 10 of 10 in PAT tries and has scored 46 points through six games. On kickoffs, Scobee has three touchbacks and Graham has one. Who's the better kicker? Looks to me as though they liked Graham so much they decided to draft him.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Kudos to you for a wonderful column and to the Jags for a great season so far. When Byron is cut loose in the fourth quarter, he takes most of the snaps from the shotgun. How does this affect the defenses when they don't have to react to play-action?

Vic: You don't need play-action against the Colts defense. It's last in the league against the pass, allowing 292.3 passing yards per game. Let's not get carried away with the shotgun, folks. Remember, the identity of this football team was established last season when it ran the ball and stopped the run. Those two pursuits are at the foundation of Jack Del Rio's fundamental football philosophy and to stray from those principles would be a major mistake. Frankly, it bothers me that the Jaguars are currently ranked 25th in rushing and 15th against the run. In my opinion, those numbers need to improve, especially as the second half of the season approaches.

Paul from Iowa City, IA:
Love your column; frequent reader. You had been hinting that the Jaguars personnel management might be looking to add someone at defensive end and now the Jaguars have Jason Gildon. What do you expect his role to be? Is he going to be a four-down defensive end or more of a pass-rush guy?

Vic: More of a pass-rush guy. Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith and company are doing a real good job of plugging people in at the right times and getting the most out of what they have available to them at defensive end. Make no mistake about it, the situation at defensive end is desperate. Greg Favors has been a god-send. The hope is that Jason Gildon can be the same kind of guy. We must understand, however, that these are stop-gap measures. Favors and Gildon are finger-in-the-dike players; whatever it takes to stop the leak. What they offer is uniqueness at the position, and they are veteran players who will understand and embrace the scheme. Gildon will help them; he'll get a couple of sacks, apply some pressure. In my opinion, that should be the expectation.

Patrick from Arlington, VA:
John Clayton is reporting that Fred Taylor has a groin injury and was held out of practice. Got any inside information for us, Vic?

Vic: Fred Taylor appears on the Jaguars' injury report as "questionable" with a quadriceps injury. Jack Del Rio said Taylor and Chris Naeole (questionable with an ankle sprain) would be held out of practice on Wednesday, but Del Rio's tone of voice made the injuries sound minor. Del Rio will meet with reporters late this morning. We'll ask him about Taylor's and Naeole's practice status and their prospects for playing on Sunday. Del Rio's update will give us a better idea of Taylor's and Naeole's conditions. will provide a story from that press conference at about noon today.

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