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Don't believe everything you read

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Marc Rind from Las Vegas, NV:
With such a high premium placed on draft picks filling our newly-depleted roster, why would Coughlin gamble on the whole back issue with Henderson? Even though Henderson played it off as nothing before the draft, reports are now coming out that it is bothering him and may affect his play this season. Don't you think a number nine draft pick should start his rookie year if he can beat out the competition for his position? From what I read, Coughlin was enamored with Wendell Bryant, who had no pressing injury concerns. Why was he not taken?
Don't believe everything you read. The Jaguars were not enamored with Wendell Bryant. That information is incorrect. The choice was between John Henderson and Albert Haynesworth. Should we expect John Henderson to be a starter on the defensive line this season? Absolutely. His lack of flexibility that has caused him hamstring and hip discomfort is a concern, but the Jaguars trust their medical research that revealed no structural damage in Henderson's back. Let's give it a chance.

Jason Wulfekuhle from Olympia, WA:
What is "dead money?"
Vic: "Dead money" is that portion of a team's salary cap that is occupied by players who are no longer on the roster. Keenan McCardell and Hardy Nickerson are the most recent examples of "dead money" on the Jaguars' 2002 salary cap.

Tom Neal from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Hey, Vic, great job. When is your radio show going to go to two hours? You guys always seem that you have more to discuss than time allows. If this is an NFL city, can't it afford to have a year-round, 2-4 hour radio show dedicated to the Jaguars?
"Jaguars This Week" will go from a one-hour to a two-hour format in August. I agree with you that we don't seem to have enough time to cover all of the bases in the one-hour, offseason format.

Ryan Glenn from Atlanta, GA:
Can you shed some light on the Jaguars decision to bring in Michael Westbrook for a visit? Are Bobby Shaw and Patrick Johnson not panning out? Coughlin said he passed over a more talented Albert Haynesworth to draft John Henderson because he thought Haynesworth had character problems. Now he's bringing in Westbrook? I actually think a coach is paid to deal with players who have character issues so I'm not totally against this move. I would, however, respect Coughlin more if he had a consistent philosophy.
The fact that the Jaguars did not bring in Michael Westbrook for a workout and seemingly have no interest in him should answer your questions.

Chris Walker from Jacksonville:
I was reading the Browns message board and they had a thread on weight changes, and this website doesn't have an updated roster. Are there any noticeable weight changes to some of our players?
Defensive end Paul Spicer made the most noticeable gains. He's up to 295 pounds, a gain of 24 pounds over this time last year. Offensive tackle Maurice Williams has also added some bulk and muscle.

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