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Don't get carried away in June

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Clark from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Could a player's salary cap number be changed if the team were to designate him as a player/coach or coach/player, seeing as the coach's salary does not count toward the cap?

Vic: The commissioner would never allow it. The player portion of the contract would have to fall under the guidelines of fair market value.

Mark from Jacksonville:
I check your column every day and I think it's great for the fans. My question is about the team's needs at this point in the offseason. I think the Jaguars have added good, young depth on the line with their rookie signings, but they still need a receiver and possibly a running back after June 1. Would the Jaguars be smart to talk to the Giants about Ron Dayne? And what wide receivers do you think may be the best available after June 1?

Vic: I subscribe to the James Harris theory that "You can't fix it all in one year." If you try, you may spend some of your future in salary cap room and draft choices, only to find out later you fixed nothing. In my opinion, the best course for the Jaguars and their fans is patience. The team has multiple needs; it'll take a couple of years to have addressed them all. And I still subscribe to the old axiom, "You don't build a team from the waiver wire." There will be guys available in June but, for the most part, they will be "just guys." A minimum-wage patch here and there would be fine, but I'm against spending a lot of money on other teams' rejects. Who might be available? J.J. Stokes' name has certainly been thrown around. I wonder if the Bengals might bail out on Peter Warrick's $2 million salary. Jerome Bettis carries a $3 million salary, but it appears the Steelers will go with Bettis one more year. Ron Dayne and Thomas Jones have minimum-wage salaries, but they would have to be claimed off the waiver wire if they were cut; so would Warrick. Stokes, for example, wouldn't have to pass through the waiver wire. I urge Jaguars fans not to get carried away with the "June league."

Kelly from Santa Rosa, CA:
After last weekend's mini-camp, what is your assessment of the wide receivers, and is there an informal depth chart for that position yet?

Vic: Forget the depth chart; it's wide open at the second wide receiver spot. Kevin Lockett is a capable guy who deserves a legitimate opportunity. Jimmy Redmond is the fastest receiver on the team; he, too, needs to be given a solid shot.

Joe from Green Cove Springs, FL:
How did Vince Manuwai look in mini-camp? Does he look like he will create strong competition at left guard? I like what I have read about him so far. He seems to be a great pick for the third round. I would have thought he would have gone in the second round. What is your take on the guy?

Vic: There's no way of getting an accurate read on a lineman in non-contact drills. Vince Manuwai appeared to move athletically. In one-on-one pass-blocking drills, he more than held his own. I expect him to win the left guard job; that's why the Jaguars drafted him. Yes, I would agree he was a solid pick in the third round. A fan asked before the draft about possible offensive line candidates for the Jaguars' second-round pick, and I mentioned Manuwai. When he was still available in the third round, he was an easy choice.

David from LaCanada, CA:
Who kicks the "quick kick?" Does the punter pretend he's the quarterback?

Vic: A lot of teams have a quarterback who can punt, which makes the "quick kick" easy; have the quarterback punt out of shotgun formation. Other teams might have a running back or wide receiver who can punt, so they might put him in the backfield and have the quarterback pitch the ball quickly to him after taking the snap from center. Personnel is the key. You have to have a quarterback, running back, wide receiver or tight end who can punt; anyone whose presence in the backfield wouldn't tip the defense. If the punter is on the field, the element of surprise is gone.

Jason from Jacksonville:
With all the talk about who will play tight end, I haven't heard Chris Luzar's name come up. What is your opinion of him?

Vic: Chris Luzar is the top prospect at the position, with Kyle Brady absent from mini-camps. Luzar will get a shot to take the job. Tight end could be a problem for this team, but before we all climb out on the ledge of the Hart Bridge, let's put the tight end position into perspective.

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