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Draft Transcript: Storm Johnson



(So what's it going to be like playing with Blake again?) "It's going to be amazing. He's an amazing quarterback even though I know him, I've been with him for three years. I'm just excited to actually be a part with him again."

(What was your reaction when you got the phone call?) "I was just blessed, man. I knew they were right down the street, two hours away from my old school. I knew they drafted my quarterback Blake Bortles. It was just a great opportunity, I just felt blessed."

(Did you talk to Blake after he was drafted or after you were drafted?) "I called him after he was drafted, we talked for a bit. I just told him, 'Man, I'm proud of you, you deserve everything you get right now.' And he called me after I was drafted and he congratulated me and was excited for the opportunity that we're together again."

(Does being with Blake make you feel more comfortable going into the new situation here?) "Oh of course, me and Blake have been through a lot for the last two years. I'm very close to Blake. He's the quarterback so I did everything with him form film work to extra catching or just getting my footwork right or just evaluating opponents. I just feel very honored and blessed that Jacksonville wanted me to come and be a part of their organization."

(Is your pass protection what you think you need to work on most?) "I think so, it's the technique. But I'm going to go in there with an open mind, work on everything, and in pass protection will be big on my board but I have no doubt I can get it done."

(On when he knew Jacksonville was interested in him) "I knew they were interested. They would come to practice, they're right down the road. They would come to our practices and games, I figured they would be interested but I was just blessed to have this opportunity and blessed just to get that call from the general manager."

(On how he fared not being drafted for so long) "I was just holding out hope. It's not said until it's done. I mean God answered my prayers when I got the call and they wanted to pick me and like I said I'm blessed, blessed to be in this position."

(On what he knows about current running back situation with Toby Gerhart and Jordan Todman) "I know a little bit but I'm just ready to compete and ready to play football, the game that I love, the game I've been playing since I was six. So I'm just ready to get into the groove, ready to get after it and enjoy my teammates and make each other better every day."

(Do you have any siblings?) "I have an older brother."

(Did he play too?) "He did, but I mean he's 40, so..."

(Did your dad play?) "My dad played USFL, but that was a long time ago too, and he's 61."

(Have you always been a running back?) "I've been playing running back all my life."

(Does it frustrate you that there's talk of devaluing of the running back position?) "It's not at all, because I look at the last few championship teams that won in the NFL and they all had a great running game. So if it is value then there's not a lot of players that are caliber players but you still need a running game to win football games and obviously you need a running game to win a Super Bowl, so it's still there if you have the right one."

(Do you think you can come in and eventually become a starter in the NFL?) "That's my mentality. I'm going to come in and work extremely hard and make myself a better player and make my teammates around me better as well."

(Did the Jaguars interview you at the Combine?) "Yes, they did."

(Did you feel good about the interview?) "Yes I did. I had a connection with everyone in the room. We talked great about football. I got on the board, showed them what I could do, showed them how much I knew football. I enjoyed what I think was 15 or 20 minutes in the room."

(Did they ask you to run through plays?) "Yes sir, they asked me to do my favorite run plays, my favorite blocking scheme, my favorite pass protection scheme that we did in college. We did the whole nine."

(Have the Jaguars been in touch much since the Combine?) "I talked a little to them. The running backs coach came to my school and worked me out privately.

(So you got a private workout with the Jaguars?) "Yes sir."

(On his transfer from Miami to UCF) "It was the firing of coach Shannon and I just wanted to be closer to home. And my dad got a little sick so I just decided to be closer to happen so if anything happened I could just go right up the road and go see him for anything. So that was basically why I transferred."

(Where are you from?) "I'm from Atlanta."

(Is your dad okay now?) "Yes, he's feeling much better. I mean he's up there in age so he's an old timer so I just wanted to be close if anything happened. I was in Miami and I was like 12 hours away and I didn't drive at the time either, so it would've been impossible for somebody to come drive and get me and then drive all the way back."

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