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Dreaming of being Vic


Ryan as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Travis from Jacksonville:
Is Ryan Robinson real or just made up because he seems to write a lot like Vic? So much so that I think that this is some ploy to have fun during this "dead zone" or maybe he does exist and Vic is just on vacation.

I'm offended. My parents always told me to have dreams, but being the greatest journalist Pennsylvania ever produced would be too farfetched. I will settle for something more realistic like the Jaguars winning a Super Bowl this year.

Jim from Tampa, FL:
Fred, thanks for the columns. They were great. Ryan, how about an ask Byron Leftwich day or an ask John Henderson, Marcus Stroud and/or Rashean Mathis day?

We could be on to something, but the old man doesn't know about this. He might not be happy if or when he finds out people have invaded his column. He's very sensitive.

Chris from Hiram, GA:
You know, Ryan, I think you add a different personality to the Ask Vic blogs. What's all this talk about the strongest and fastest Jaguars? I want to know who wears the nicest clothes!

Now that is a good question. Getting on the plane for road games each week is a treat in itself. You see all different kinds of threads and mix and match suits. You might see Reggie Williams roll on with a pink suit complimented by a fly hat followed by Joe Zelenka in a sport coat, khakis and his signature Cleveland Indians hat. I do have to say Byron and Fred are always dressing the part. I have yet to see John Henderson complete an entire road trip with his suit on. Following the game, something usually is missing from Big Hen's wardrobe. It's tough to play a three-hour game at 300-plus pounds and squeeze back into a sleeveless vest. You can always count on Vic to wear the standard khakis with a navy sport coat. It's never too flashy for him and it's a requirement that an apple pie from Popeye's be at his seat.

John from Miami, FL:
Hey Ryan, are the Jaguars the only team in the league with a Rookie Club? I have never heard about it in any other NFL city.

A bunch of NFL teams have some kind of program for their rookies leading up to the Rookie Symposium which takes place next week in West Palm Beach. Head Coach Jack Del Rio established the Jaguars Rookie Club in 2003. The rookies have been in meetings once a week since they arrived after the draft. They discuss the NFL personal conduct policy, but also touch on a wide range of topics. I had the opportunity to attend a couple of the meetings last year when second-year players discussed their experiences as a rookie. Players relate to other players better than anyone. There are a lot of decisions that rookies need to make. Should I rent an apartment or buy a house? How much do I get paid if I'm on the practice squad? How do I deal with family and friends that ask for money? How do I approach veterans about learning how to watch film? These guys are entering a whole new world.

Alex from Jacksonville Beach:
Hey Ryan or Vic, whichever one this is, tell Jon from Tallahassee that they do determine a high school national champion through polls. They don't actually have a playoff, but they have rankings and whoever is number one in the rankings is the national champion.

USA Today has been putting out Top 25 rankings for a long time. Southlake Carroll High in Texas was number one this year. A small school from California, De La Salle, finished 14th.

Greg from Tustin, CA:
I first discovered the Jacksonville Jaguars when I first got into football in 1999, watching games and trying to decide what team to root for. I saw a hotly contested Jaguars game - I don't remember the opponent, but I do remember seeing a Jaguar viciously sack the quarterback, stand up, and help his opponent up off the ground with a smile and a pat. I thought if this team can be tough and sportsmanlike, they're my team. The Ask Vic column cemented my belief that the Jaguars care about their fans and their image, but getting team fixture Fred Taylor to answer the fans' questions really takes the cake. My thanks to the Jaguars for being an organization of which I can be proud to be a fan.

Greg, it's nice to have Jaguar nation extend to California. I thought Fred was brutally honest, as he always is. You can always count on Fred not to pull any punches. As you could tell, he's still bitter about being called the sixth-fastest player on the team.

Tom from Tumwater, WA:
What's up, Ryan? Is it too much to ask for you to post some kind of story or, are Vic's shoes really too big for you? Before you rip the old man, how about some competitive journalism?

How much do you expect of me? Geez, there is a great story on the home page about the rookies from Wednesday. I can only do so much.

Paul Hubert from Jacksonville:
Ryan, this is the big-time. You are not writing for your college or hometown rag. This is Ask Vic, let's get the posts done in a timely manner. Do you want to run with the big dogs or sleep with the fishes?

Actually, the thought of doing both of those things frightens me. I had a dog attack me when I was 12 years old at my girlfriend's house. We were 'going together' at the time and it quickly ended the relationship. Also, I'm scared of water. Remember, I'm from Kentucky. The only body of water I ever came across before moving here was the creek in my backyard.

Tommy from Fruitcove, FL:
I'm having Ask Vic withdrawals. I can't eat. I can't sleep, I mean Vic, I just miss you man. I miss your smell, that twinkle in your type. It's just not the same with Ryan.

Tommy, seriously, you are scaring me.

William from Jacksonville:
Good job Ryan! Guests for Ask Vic must be selected carefully. For example, Jeff Lageman could have some very interesting insights. But is he a fundamentally sound writer - grammar, spelling, etc.? Vic is a consistent Pro Bowl level performer with Hall of Fame potential. Of course, the committee will have to wrestle with his "off-page" issues - bad wardrobe and golf addiction. Nevertheless, we must have standards for guests.

Easy William. Mr. Lageman graduated from Virginia. It's not Kentucky, but it's still a fine academic institution. All I tried to do was add a little spice to the column by having Mr. 10,000 answer some questions. Of course, some people are still not happy because they want the old man back at his chair. Well, you can have him.

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