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Excited to hear from me

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Forrest from Jacksonville:
I've been reading you for years and when I finally got a phone call from you out of the blue, I was cooking dinner. Imagine my family's disappointment with burned Madeira mushroom sauce. It was great to hear from you, recording or not.

Vic: I wasn't cooking dinner, but imagine my surprise when I got a message from myself inviting me to participate in this evening's "Fan Forum." I hung up the phone and my wife asked me who that was. "Some idiot," I said.

Brendon from Monterey, CA:
Are there other players who have set a precedent of the kind of ACL recovery time Kampman is projecting for himself? I recall Carson Palmer in 2006, but what about outside of the QB position?

Vic: Tony Boselli did it in 2000. He blew out his ACL in the final game of the 1999 regular season, vowed he would be ready for the start of the 2000 regular season and made good on his promise. He wasn't ready for the start of training camp, as he didn't start practicing until the final week of camp, but he was in the lineup for the start of the regular season and he started in all 16 games.

Mike from Blacksburg, VA:
What do you think of Virginia Tech's Cody Grimm? He played fantastically well on the field at VT, but it seems like people are projecting him to be a late-round to undrafted prospect.

Vic: When I think of Cody Grimm, I immediately recall one of the funniest moments I have ever covered. It was a high school basketball tournament from a long time ago. Cody's father, Russ, played on the team that won the tournament and he was at center court to receive the tournament trophy, as presented by a man who was extremely overweight. "May I have your attention, please?" the overweight gentleman said to the crowd. The crowd got silent and with that someone in the crowd yelled out, "Shut up, fatso." There was an explosion of embarrassed laughter. I immediately felt terrible for the overweight guy, but it was poor Russ Grimm that had it toughest. He couldn't stop laughing. He was doubled over in laughter as he accepted the trophy from his overweight presenter, which caused the gym to rock with even more laughter. And that's what I think when I think of Cody Grimm.

Javier from Hammonton, NJ:
I think John from Jacksonville is wrong about not taking a defensive end in the first round. I think the signing of Kampman helps the team maintain a BAP approach. What are your thoughts?

Vic: You're exactly right. When you go into the draft with an especially desperate need at any position, it is only human nature to favor the players that would address that need. The Jaguars still have needs, but they are not in the desperate category.

Randy from Oxford, PA:
Don't the Tebow questions and rants remind you of e-mails and questions you used to get from Toad Lick?

Vic: It wasn't Lick, it was Suck.

Dave from Grafton, VA:
The conference call with GM Gene on Tuesday is yet another extraordinary privilege the Jaguars afford their fans. We should be grateful for the amount of access the Jaguars provide us. I guarantee the relationships of other teams to their fan base is vastly different, and not in a good way.

Vic: Us season ticket holders are gonna have a good time with GM Gene tonight. Make sure you ask him the tough questions.

Todd from Frederick, MD:
What is your opinion on Aaron Kampman, assuming he fully heals?

Vic: I have two concerns: 1.) His sack production has decreased each year for four years. 2.) He's coming off an ACL. Now here are the things I see that I like: 1.) He's a tireless worker and an extremely intelligent player who will make those around him better players. 2.) He's seeking a "resurrection" of sorts, and most accomplished players usually experience a brief second-wind period in their careers after having suffered their first significant injury. 3.) He's an extremely affable, likable and quotable player, and that's good for Vic.

Steve from Orange Park, FL:
I read "Ask Vic" every day. I proudly showed my first "Ask Vic" question answered to my good friend and fellow Jaguar tailgater. He is an avid "Ask Vic" fan, too. I have every question I have asked you saved and every question you have answered printed and displayed in my Jaguar room. One question I wrote, you gave me a special complement by calling me "the master of sarcasm" and you bowed to me, is framed. So when I received a call from Vic Ketchman tonight, you can imagine how excited I was.

Vic: I felt the same way.

Al from Fruit Cove, FL:
You've convinced me to trust Gene Smith, so I'm feeling good about the Kampman signing, but I'm also feeling some déjà vu about it. A year ago, we signed former Pro Bowl lineman Tra Thomas to fill a glaring need on the team, then went and drafted two players in that same area, which resulted in our free-agent investment sitting on the bench. Am I over-thinking this?

Vic: The acquisition of Kampman bears no resemblance to that of Thomas. Thomas was signed as insurance, and the contract reflected that. Kampman was signed to be a premium player, and the contract reflects that.

Brad from Jacksonville:
I do not think it likely, but what will you do if the Jaguars draft Tebow? Are you going to leave town?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Jimmy from Vero Beach, FL:
Would Brandon Graham make your value board if you were drafting for a 4-3 team? Where would he rank?

Vic: He wouldn't be nearly as high. My value board is non-denominational.

Catherine from Jacksonville:
I would be interested in whether folks like Ryan and Kelvin are season ticket holders and have a vested interest in the team. They write with such ignorant disregard for the health and future of the team that I can't believe someone who is paying for tickets would hold these opinions. Can't you add a field to question submissions that indicates current ticket holders so we can have some perspective on who these people are?

Vic: This column is for people from all walks of life and ilk, even non-ticket holders.

Joe from St. Augustine, FL:
I have been educating myself for the past several years in the "Church of Vic." I'm not sure I understand the Aaron Kampman signing based on the direction of this team. Pastor, can you explain/inform us of the thought process?

Vic: A lot of it has to do with having only five draft picks, especially not having a second-round pick. Look at it this way: Kampman is the Jaguars' second-round pick.

Ken from Jacksonville:
What is the market price for an NFL-caliber babysitter, and would it count against the Steelers' salary cap? Yoi!

Vic: No, it wouldn't count because this is an uncapped year. They could even buy him a fraternity membership and it wouldn't count.

Clyde from Mandarin, FL:
Were you as impressed as I was listening to Aaron Kampman explain in everyday language what he feels it takes to be a successful defensive end in the NFL? He was spot on in saying it's not only physical talent but mental talent as well. I hope our other defensive ends pick up on his dedication to his craft and incorporate that dedication into their own offseason routines.

Vic: No question about it, he charmed me.

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