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"Execution" and "Preparation" Are the Names of the Game Headed Into Jaguars' Week 11

JACKSONVILLE – Confidence around the Jaguars' offense remains high.

Travis Etienne Jr. said it has been true throughout the 2023 season, and the third-year running back said it absolutely remains the case in the wake of their most one-sided loss of the season.

"No one's worried about, 'Can we get it going?''' Etienne said Monday.

Etienne spoke a day after the Jaguars' 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers at EverBank Stadium, a game that marked the fewest points in two seasons under Head Coach Doug Pederson – and the team's second game this season without a touchdown.

Pederson on Monday spoke of "execution" and "preparation" when discussing an offense that produced a season-low 221 yards against the 49ers – and that ranks 19th in the NFL in total yards (328.0 per game) and 15th in points (21.8) after ranking 10th (357.4) and ninth (23.8) in the categories last season.

"It's been there," Pederson said Monday. "It has been on track at times. It just comes down to the preparation. I talk to the guys all the time about their preparation when they're outside of this building. What are they doing a little extra? Are they studying extra tape? Are they looking at every cutup of a certain route or coverage or defensive front blitz … whatever it might be just to stay sharp and stay up on what they could possibly see during a game.

"It comes down to the execution. It's plays we're now recycling because we're so far along that you just recycle plays. It's not anything new that we're trying to invent or create.

"It just comes down to each person just owning that responsibility."

Pederson during his Monday press conference read from a sheet that outlined multiple mistakes – penalties, a missed signal, a missed assignment, etc. – that caused the Jaguars' first two possessions to end without first downs.

"The fifth series, we finally got it together when we went down and got a field goal," he said. "But why does it have to take us to the fifth series to get going? It's everything we can control. So these are the things we show our guys, 'If we can eliminate this, it puts us in a better position.'''

Among the Jaguars' mistakes Sunday: Turnovers, which have hurt much of the season. The Jaguars committed a season-high four turnovers Sunday – two interceptions and a lost fumble by quarterback Trevor Lawrence and a lost fumble by wide receiver Christian Kirk.

Kirk's fumble marked the fourth red-zone turnover of the season – the third in the last two games – and the Jaguars now have 17 turnovers for the season.

"We know the work we put in and we see what we can do and you see flashes of it, week in and week out," Etienne said. "We just have to stop turning the ball over. I feel like there's so many times that we just beat ourselves. If we don't turn the ball over, we put points on the board and we're not even talking about how the offense didn't get going."


  • The Jaguars on Sunday forced no takeaways for the second time this season. They are 0-2 in those games, having lost 37-17 to the Houston Texans in Week 3 while forcing no turnovers. The Jaguars rank No. 1 in the NFL in takeaways this season with 18 through nine games. They have forced two more turnovers in six of nine games this season. "We have to help our offense out in situations like that," safety Rayshawn Jenkins said. "That was a great defense they were playing against. It was one of those games you just have to go defense for defense. We know what our formula is on our defense, and that is takeaways. We have done a great job thus far with the takeaways, but in order for us to continue to have the success that we were having, we have to have those takeaways."


  • Etienne: "We definitely have to be critical about situations and what we put on film because you are what you put on film. We can't keep putting those bad losses out there. When it rains, it pours and [on Sunday] you kind of felt like nothing was going right for us and we could never really shake that feeling. We'll get over it. We're professionals. But as professionals, we never want to go out there and do that." And I feel like that's why I hurt a little more because I feel like everybody in my room kind of feels it and understand that's not who we are as a team."

A cloudy afternoon in Duval County ☁️ View in game action shots of the Jaguars vs. 49ers matchup.

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