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Expect the best of Jax

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jonathan from Jacksonville:
Right now, C.J. Spiller or Deji Karim? I'll take Deji.

Vic: Yeah, but Karim is a player no one knew from a small school. Spiller was a star from a big school in the Southeast. I guess you find football players where you find football players, and sometimes they don't even have to come from Florida.

Sam from Tallahassee, FL:
Wow! A four-way tie in the AFC South through five games. This battle for the South sure gets kicked off right on Monday night.

Vic: This is one of those games that's going to get bigger as the week goes on. In other words, this one's going to get a lot of hype.

Sam from Tallahassee, FL:
Del Rio has stayed consistent in his aggressiveness as a head coach. I love Jack's call on fourth down, despite its consequences. Agree to disagree, Vic?

Vic: Based on Jack Del Rio's postgame comments, he would seem to regret the fourth-down decision. Sometimes, discretion truly is the better part of valor. In my opinion, it's just as aggressive to punt the ball away and put the game in the hands of your defense. You're making a strong statement about your confidence in your defense and your commitment to a 60-minute game.

Will from Jacksonville:
The Jags turned it over three times to the Bills zero and still managed to have a double-digit victory. Is it safe to say we dominated?

Vic: Yes, it's safe to say the Jaguars dominated. It's also safe to say that formula won't win many games. I think we need to move away from Sunday's game as quickly as possible. It deserves some analysis, but I also think we know the opponent wasn't up to the standard of play that'll be coming in here next Monday.

Dane from Gainesville, FL:
I saw a team mature this afternoon. I saw a team face early adversity and rally together to make a comeback. I saw a team's identity re-emerge. What did you see?

Vic: I saw one team over-match another team by dominating the line of scrimmage.

Matt from Oxnard, CA:
The AFC South does not have one losing record. Is it safe to say this is the toughest division?

Vic: Tennessee's win over the Cowboys speaks well of the division, but the AFC South has suffered some rather embarrassing out-of-division moments so far this season. The Texans were spanked yesterday by the Giants, the Titans were physically abused by the Steelers, and the Jaguars certainly had their difficulties against the Chargers and Eagles. The AFC South appears to have better balance than most divisions in the league, but the one difference this year may be that the South may not have a dominant team, as it has in the past. The South appears to be wide open.

Matt from Freehold, NJ:
What did we learn from the Jaguars win on Sunday?

Vic: We learned that they are on the rise. I think that's obvious. A year ago, the Bills played the Jaguars off their feet in Jacksonville. Frankly, I thought the Bills deserved to win that game. Yesterday, the gap between the two teams was distinct. Some of that has to do with the Bills having fallen, but most of it is the result of the Jaguars having elevated their play, mostly because they've improved their roster, since that game last season.

Lance from Jacksonville:
I really liked Deji in training camp and now he looks like he has a big star on him. Do you think he will maybe replace Jennings as the second back?

Vic: I think it's time we all take a deep breath, blow it out and count to 10. That was Deji Karim's first game and, in my opinion, we're getting a little carried away. He's a good-looking young player. That was evident as early as in OTAs last spring. He's going to be a weapon for the Jaguars in the return game and as a role-playing running back, but let's leave it at that, for now. Maybe we should do this: The next time GM Gene passes on a safety from Florida State to select a kick-returner from Southern Illinois in the sixth round, maybe we should consider the possibility that he knows more about drafting players than the average fan, who thought Deji Karim was a kind of fancy dessert.

David from Tuscaloosa, AL:
It's so nice to see Aaron Kampman performing well after our previous free-agent busts.

Vic: I wasn't crazy about the signing. I thought it was very risky giving $11 million to a guy three months off knee reconstruction. I was dead wrong on this one.

Scott from Jacksonville:
I took your advice, Vic, and it works. I just sat back and watched the game. I normally get frustrated with turnovers and penalties and it gets the best of me. This time, I just watched and enjoyed a hard-hitting, great game. I should have been doing this years ago.

Vic: I'm happy to hear it. My guess is your family is happy to hear it, too.

Josh from Jacksonville:
I just did the math. We're on pace for 35 sacks this year. What was your preseason prediction again?

Vic: I think it was over 30.

Bill from Woodbury, MN:
There are two stats from the game that I believe contradict each other in yesterday's game. The Jaguars were -3 in turnovers but had an 8:42 advantage in time of possession. Can you tell us, in percentage terms, how often a team wins a game with a -3 turnover margin? An eight-minute time of possession advantage?

Vic: They fly in the face of each other. I can't give you percentages, but you seldom win a game when you turn it over three times more than your opponent, and you seldom lose when you enjoy a nearly nine-minute time of possession advantage. The latter has been the Bills' biggest problem this year. They were being out-possessed by an average of 10 minutes a game. I'll tell you this: The Jaguars won't beat the Titans with a -3 in turnover differential. Yesterday's game is the exception to the rule, and for the obvious reason. The Bills are in rebuilding. Yeah, they need a quarterback, but they need help on both lines even more desperately than they need a quarterback.

Luis from San Juan, PR:
Great win. Give us your good, bad and ugly.

Vic: The good was the Jaguars' dominant physical performance. The bad was the 10-point hole they dug themselves with two early turnovers and a busted coverage. The ugly was, in my opinion, a third-and-one option play that was just too cutesy for my taste. The fourth-and-one call didn't bother me nearly as much as the option play on third and one. Pound it. That's what physical teams do.

Michael from Boise, ID:
My girlfriend and I are lucky enough to make our first trip to Jacksonville this weekend. I couldn't be more excited about the way the Jags are playing coming into such a big game. What should we expect next Monday night, Vic?

Vic: Expect to see the best of Jacksonville. This town is going to dress itself up for the country to see in the most positive way. Monday night's game is going to be as much of an event as it will be a football game. I'm expecting a sellout, not just a blackout-beating crowd. This town needs to sell this game out. You are coming to Jacksonville for a game the likes of which we haven't seen in a few years. This game will go a long way toward defining this season.

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