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Fix it for the long haul

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
Do you have any stats on Nate Hybl? I was just curious as to why he was brought in to the team. Is he here to fill David Garrard's place if he gets traded this year, or is he just another player to add competition at the quarterback position?

Vic: Carl Smith worked with Nate Hybl in Cleveland and thinks Hybl has potential. That's why the Jaguars signed Hybl; on Smith's recommendation. Don't forget, a lot of passes are going to be thrown in practice this spring and summer. Three quarterbacks aren't enough. Beyond that, you never know when a guy might become a "jar on the shelf." That's what Quinn Gray has become.

Steve from Jacksonville:
With all the new players on the defensive side of the ball, I'm predicting the Jaguars will have the top-rated defense in the AFC. Your comment, please.

Vic: The Jaguars are strong up front and have a potentially great player at the important left cornerback position. That's the nucleus of the Jaguars defense: tackles Marcus Stroud and John Henderson and cornerback Rashean Mathis. You expect those three players to perform at the highest level. Now, what if Reggie Hayward turns out to be the pass-rusher the Jaguars think he can be? What if Daryl Smith turns the big plays he made on occasion last season into more consistent events? Mike Peterson fell off a little at the end of last season; the Jaguars need him to get back to where he was through his first year-and-a-half with the Jaguars. What about Donovin Darius? Can he put the "franchise" thing behind him? Deon Grant had some knee issues last season. Are those behind now? In Akin Ayodele's show-me year, will he show 'em? And that brings us to the number one question about this defense: Who will win the right cornerback job and will he represent an upgrade over the performance at that position a year ago? Yes, I think this will be a very good defense, but I need to see some practices in real pads before I can begin making bold predictions. I am bothered by the rushing yardage allowed in the final two games of last season. I wanna know what that was all about. It caused the Jaguars to fall to 11th in the league against the run, and I don't like not stopping the run.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I know you hate these types of questions, but if the Jaguars could sign Ty Law to a one-year contract with incentives, don't you think that would be worth the risk?

Vic: And what would it do for you if they did sign Ty Law? Would it make you believe the Jaguars have solved their need at right cornerback? The answer to that question has to be "yes" or there's no reason to sign him, and the only way to answer that question "yes" is to believe Law's Lis Franc surgery has repaired his foot and that he is fully recovered from the surgery. He's not Ty Law if he can't run, so stop signing the name and start signing the feet. Can he run and cut? Can he move with the grace and suddenness that made him the best corner in the game? If the Jaguars can answer "yes" to those questions, and if they can structure a contract in such a way that it protects them against a "no" answer, then, by all means, sign him. Would I sign him? I think you know the answer to that. It's a young man's game and the Jaguars have some young cornerbacks. Teach them how to play. Fix the position for the long haul. They tried the veteran stop-gap thing last year with Dewayne Washington and now they're right back to where they started.

Steve from Maitland, FL:
I'm not one to jump on rumors or gossip, but I heard something about Travis Henry being a good fit for the Jags. I just don't see him being worth a trade that the Bills would want. Your thoughts?

Vic: Rumors are that Buffalo would settle for a third-round pick for Travis Henry. Great! In my opinion, Henry is well worth a third-round pick. In fact, I think he'd be a steal for a third-round pick. The problem, however, is that he only has one year left on his contract and you may be trading a third-round pick for a guy you're going to lose in free agency after next season, and I don't like that. In my opinion, to make that trade you'd need to have a reasonable expectation for signing Henry to a new contract. Given that expectation, go ahead, trade for him. He's a good back and the Jaguars need insurance at the position.

Matt from Jacksonville:
Why didn't the Jags go after Ciatrick Fason in the third round? He looks like he would've been a great backup for Fred.

Vic: The answer to the question is simple: The Jaguars wanted to draft Scott Starks in the third round; the Jaguars obviously had a higher grade on Starks than they did on Fason. Let me remind you of this: Two years ago I was getting the same question about drafting Rashean Mathis over Taylor Jacobs.

Jeremy from Lake City, FL:
What team has won the most Super Bowls?

Vic: Dallas and San Francisco have won five each, followed by Pittsburgh with four. Green Bay, New England, Oakland/LA and Washington have won three each.

Ryan from Columbus, OH:
What team do you think will move to Anaheim in 2008?

Vic: I can't help but believe the Raiders are the prime candidate.

Adam from Sandown, NH:
All right, Vic, what jerseys do you own and which is your favorite?

Vic: I'm waiting for my Matt Jones to arrive so I can wear it to the OTA's.

Jordan from Lincoln, NE:
Do any Jaguars have Drew Rosenhaus as their agent?

Vic: Fred Taylor, Marcus Stroud, Paul Spicer, Chris Hanson, Quinn Gray, Bobby McCray and Brett Romberg employ Drew Rosenhaus as their agent.

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