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Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Adrian from Reading, UK:
If David Garrard had a good week statistically last week, doesn't that mean you need to get a new set of statistics? Two huge fumbles and lots of useless yards does not make for a good game, nor does going one for five for minus two yards in the red zone. There are systems that recognize this and they're less deceptive than the traditional NFL focus on yards with a side order of passer rating.

Vic: You don't need new stats. All you need are two eyes and an understanding of football. It wasn't a good week, regardless of what the statistics say. That's why the offense had a players-only meeting. I know what my eyes see. When the stats support what they've seen, I use them.

Jonathan from Q-West, Iraq:
Why does Garrard only have eight touchdown passes this year? That seems like a very low number, considering they have played 11 games.

Vic: He only has eight touchdown passes because Maurice Jones-Drew has 13 touchdown runs.

Armand from Jacksonville:
What defensive rules would you like to see put in? I would like to see pass-interference be 15 yards instead of a spot foul.

Vic: Defenders will tackle receivers who are breaking into the open or they'll intentionally interfere when they know they are about to be beaten for a long touchdown catch. That's why the NFL treats pass-interference as a spot foul. The problem now is that the league is over-calling defensive pass-interference, which often moves the ball way downfield on a pass that probably wouldn't have been caught. There's way too much yardage being given away every week on defensive pass-interference penalties. What I want to see is a return to bump and run. I want to see an elimination of the no-contact-beyond-five-yards rule. I want to see a return to the days of bump until the ball is in the air. Only the strongest and fastest receivers will be able to get deep. At that point, they deserve to be rewarded.

Dan from Lake Bluff, IL:
Got any Foge Fazio stories?

Vic: Some years ago, I went to visit my parents after OTA's were over. I was waiting for my ride outside the Pittsburgh airport when all of a sudden I saw that someone had walked up and was standing close to me. I didn't want to be so bold as to turn and look, but when I noticed the bag at my feet said "Cleveland Browns" on it, I figured it was somebody I knew so I turned and there was Foge looking at me and smiling. We exchanged greetings and then I said, "You flew in from Cleveland?" It's about a hundred miles away. Foge was an assistant under Mike Tice in Minnesota and Mike truly loves Foge. We all knew he was nearing the end and it hurt us all. I have a letter of intent offer Foge sent me for my son when he was born. Foge was a good player and a great coach. He was the son of immigrants and the family lived above their small grocery store. I'd love to know how many people in the football business know and love Foge. If they could all take off and go to his funeral, there isn't a church big enough to hold them all.

Nick from Jacksonville:
Are you going to answer "I wouldn't worry about that" to every Tebow question?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Chad from Jacksonville:
In your opinion, if the Jaguars move out of Jacksonville, would we lose our option to have another team replace them? What would it take to get another team in their place, down the road, of course?

Vic: A parallel universe.

Wayne from Amelia Island, FL:
You know it has to be asked: Thirty-one passes-defensed against how many pass attempts?

Vic: That's not how you judge a pass defense. There are statistical rankings for this kind of thing. First of all, 31 is the number of passes-defensed for the Jaguars' pass-defenders. The Jaguars have 40 total, which includes passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage. Cincinnati and New Orleans lead the league with 69 passes-defensed each. The Jaguars are 29th with 40. When you consider the Jaguars are dead last by a wide margin in sacks, I think the number 29 ranking is understandable.

David from Jacksonville:
Can you compare the progress of the two rookie tackles with what you saw at this point with our only other pair of starting rookie tackles, I think it was Tony Boselli and Leon Searcy.

Vic: Searcy was a rookie with the Steelers in 1992 and he spent the season on the bench watching and learning. Boselli was a rookie with Jags in '95 and he was immediately sensational. The moral of the story is that two outstanding offensive tackles took very different paths to stardom.

Rex from Gainesville, FL:
In regards to the question about signing proven pass-rushers in free agency, I was wondering what you think of Aaron Kampman? I've always thought he was a great player and his stock has gone way down with him struggling in the Packers' new 3-4 scheme, as well as now having a torn ACL. I like signing guys in free agency about as much as you do, but is he a guy to keep an eye on in the free agency pool at the end of the year?

Vic: You're much better off finding one in the draft, especially in one of the affordable rounds. It's like a four-year tryout before you have to give the guy the big bucks. Elvis Dumervil was a fourth-round pick. That's what you want.

Joey from Jacksonville:
I heard another excuse from a relative about why they will not go to the games. Every time they are at the game they drink a few beers and when they get up and go to the bathroom they miss out on a big play. I let them know I would inform you of this and see what you could do about having a television installed at every urinal.

Vic: How about a urinal at every seat?

Daniel from Montebello, CA:
In regards to drafting Tim Tebow, you have stated on more than on one occasion, "I wouldn't worry about that." Is there something you know that we do not?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Bill from Jacksonville:
Who wins the SEC title game and why?

Vic: I think Florida will for the simple reason that they have a great defense and a very good offense. Alabama has a great defense but just an average offense. College football is a game of offense. The advantage always goes to the better offensive team.

Bill from Orange Park, FL:
The curse of the "Terrible Towel" is ludicrous. Anyone who is a statistics guy should know that statistics are all about streaks and patterns. Superstitious people find some recent event and call it a reason. Now, if some other team abuses the "Towel" and they have a losing streak, and then another team again, well, then there's a pattern that bears scrutiny.

Vic: I agree. We can't know for sure until another team wipes their feet on the "Towel."

John from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How sick is it that a seat license could cost $25,000 in Pittsburgh? I feel sorry for them. Do they realize what a miserable life they have? Don't feel sorry for folks in Jacksonville who have much more to do with their entertainment dollar.

Vic: I won't.

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