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Future tied to ticket sales

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
Sometimes, when watching an old football game on "NFL Network," I see an offensive formation where the running back is lined up either left or right of the fullback. Both backs are in a three-point stance. The tight end is usually lined up opposite the running back. The quarterback is directly under center. Would you please explain what this formation is and for what purposes or offenses it was used?

Vic: It's called the "pro set" or "split backs" formation and the fullback is the feature ball-carrier and the halfback is the blocking back, though he's a better runner and runs more often than the fullback does in today's predominant offensive set. Franco Harris and Larry Csonka, for example, were fullbacks and Rocky Bleier and Jim Kiick were halfbacks. Where the tight end was positioned is unimportant. In some pro-set or split-back formations, the two backs were equidistant right and left of the quarterback and at the same depth in the backfield. That's a true split-back formation. In the power version of that formation, the halfback was positioned a yard closer to the line of scrimmage than the fullback was, which effectively made the halfback more of a guard than a running back. He could hit the hole or the defender more quickly in that advanced position and it also made for some intriguing coordination with the blocking scheme up front. It was something teams that liked to pull and trap its guards did with its halfback. It was from a different era of football. It's from the day when, as Vince Lombardi said, football was first and foremost a running game.

Kyle from Orange Park, FL:
Give us an Oklahoma update, Vic. Is it still scheduled for the Sunday night practice and what matchups are you recommending to Jack Del Rio?

Vic: The Oklahoma will be conducted in Sunday evening's practice and should coach Del Rio seek my recommendations on pairings, I would probably suggest the following: If Tyson Alualu is signed and in camp, I would like to see him go against his former neighborhood friend, Vince Manuwai; D'Anthony Smith vs. Kynan Forney, Uche Nwaneri or Justin Smiley would have storyline merit, as would a Ko Quaye vs. Brad Meester match, which would pit the long shot rookie against the sage veteran. For the piece de resistance, however, I would offer rookie pass-rusher Larry Hart vs. last year's first-round pick, left tackle Eugene Monroe.

Kelvin from Atlanta, GA:
When are the Jags scheduled to practice with the Falcons?

Vic: They will practice against each other at the Falcons' practice facility in Flowery Branch, GA, (isn't that a lovely name?) on Mon.-Tue., Aug. 9-10.

Adam from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
From what I understand, the EverBank contract requires the Jags to pay back $100,000 for each game that is not going to be on local TV. Does that mean that in the scenario where there are a few thousands tickets left, would the Jags be able to use the money to buy the unused tickets with the $100,000, since the team would be losing it anyway?

Vic: It always comes back to ticket sales, doesn't it? It's just as the mayor said this past winter at a "Team Teal" rally at what is now EverBank Field: "The most quantifiable way to prove viability is ticket sales." Please, don't count on the Jaguars to buy the remaining tickets so you can watch the games on TV. That would be a terrible mistake.

Anthony from Jacksonville:
I'm a five-year Jaguars season-ticket holder and Gator fan. I am also a huge Tim Tebow fan and I have purchased a number 15 Broncos jersey. I plan to wear it to the Jags vs. Broncos game and root like hell for my Jaguars to win the game. Is that so wrong?

Vic: Just be careful; mustard stains.

John from Jacksonville:
Just wanted to know your thoughts on PFT's latest article. It seems to me that fans are playing right into Mike Florio's hands by giving him the attention he desperately craves.

Vic: His message is that the Jaguars' future is directly tied to ticket sales and he is absolutely correct.

Brett from Jacksonville:
I had to get a new license plate yesterday. I chose the Jaguars plate over my alma mater Gators. I just thought you should know.

Vic: Now you can do the Jaguar champ. It's like the Gator champ except you only use your hands, not your arms.

Fred from Jacksonville:
Why in the world would they make lotto tickets? After hearing the good news with the stadium naming rights, I was going to buy two season tickets, but now that this information is out, I will be holding off. Thanks, Jaguars, you always find a way to ruin positive news and show how out of touch you are with the Jacksonville people.

Vic: Another new one: Blame it on the lottery. The lottery supports education. Should we blame it on education, too?

Gary from Jacksonville:
I don't know if you saw on the news about a month ago, but a house in Argyle got struck by lightning and caught fire. I was the roommate in the article that was on the computer, and guess what I was doing: Getting my daily dose of "Ask Vic." Just thought you should know that. Thanks for all the news and entertainment. Keep on keepin' on.

Vic: I trust you're OK. Try putting a one-iron on the roof because, as Lee Trevino once said, not even God can hit a one-iron.

Dan from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How about "The Vault?"

Vic: How about we buy all the tickets because, if we don't, one of my smart alec national media buddies is sure to call this place something else.

Chris from Pleasantville, NY:
I was just reading an article on Vince Lombardi's Packers and was wondering why Jerry Kramer is not in the Hall of Fame. Considering that he epitomized Lombardi's Packers, I find it difficult to comprehend why such a legendary player never made it to the Hall.

Vic: He's not in the Hall of Fame because too many of his teammates are. It's just that simple. As Rick Gosselin of the "Dallas Morning News," an esteemed member of the Hall of Fame selection committee, once said to me that if they put more Steelers in the Hall of Fame, they'd have to take Chuck Noll out because you don't have to be much of a coach to win with all of that talent. The same would seem to apply to Lombardi's Packers. Kramer belongs in the Hall, if for no other reason than the book, "Instant Replay," he and Dick Schaap authored. Fortunately, the Packers have their own Hall of Fame.

Sam from Orlando, FL:
Was the Bosco answer a reference to George Costanza's ATM pin code?

Vic: Bosco.

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