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Get ready to party, folks


OK, folks, it looks like it's going to happen. Get ready for the "First Annual 'Ask Vic' Convention." Of course, that'll depend on your response.

Let's go back a little bit. A month or two ago, an "Ask Vic" reader – I can't remember who he is but I'll find out – suggested we put together a golf tournament. Of course, I'll use any excuse to play golf, so I planted the seed.

The seed grew into something big: an "Ask Vic" convention with a Jaguars preseason game as the centerpiece. Now, we're ready to announce tentative plans for the event.

Here's what we have for you:

Golf (Thursday morning, Aug. 19)—Spots will be limited, of course, but those who register first will be rewarded with a round of golf at a top Jacksonville course (I told you, no goat farms). You'll get a goodies bag and there'll be prizes for the winners.

Reception (Thursday evening, Aug. 19)—We'll make this big-time. We want it to be in the Bud Zone at Alltel Stadium and there will be food and beverages and former Jaguars players. Gotta (sorry, Doc) have cheerleaders and de Ville, too, right? We'll all get to know each other. I'm even thinking of inviting Pete Giftopoulos.

Hotel accommodations—We'll get our out-of-town guests a great rate on first-class digs; you know, uptown. If you need a hotel room, we'll tell you how and where.

Game ticket and cabana tailgate party (Friday, Aug. 20, vs. Tampa Bay)—You guys know how I am about value in the draft, well, I'm the same about buying tickets. I'll put you in the best cheap seat in the house. All right, you'll be a little high in the air, but just trust me on this one. And we're going to give you a ticket to the Jaguars' new cabana tailgate party, where you may feast on pregame food and beverage.

Those are the main events for the "Ask Vic" convention we're planning, and we're going to put them into four distinct packages. Pick a package according to your interests and your means. We'll announce the prices next week in an official registration form that'll appear on the home page.

Gold—You get the whole thing – golf, reception, hotel room (one night), game ticket and cabana tailgate party.

Teal—Golf is for sissies, but you're from out of town and you need a room; the room, the reception, game ticket and cabana tailgate party is yours.

Black—You're local and your wife or husband won't let you sleep-over with the other kids, but you want the golf to go with the reception, game ticket and cabana tailgate party. This is just right for you.

White—You hate golf and you don't trust your wife or husband, so the reception, game ticket and cabana tailgate party package fits your needs. threw its considerable weight around in securing what I believe are great values in each category. I think we have a winner here.

We'll give you all of the details next week. Then just pick the BAP (Best Available Package).

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