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Get set for a couple more

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Good call on the Mike Peterson deal! I think he truly solidifies the Jaguars' linebacker position. I have a few questions. Do the Jaguars anticipate Hayes starting opposite Jimmy Smith, or are they still attempting to bolster the wide receiving corps with an early draft pick? Speaking of the draft, how many picks do the Jags have this year? Finally, how much more money does the team have left under the cap to sign free agents?

Vic: Donald Hayes will be given an opportunity to win the Jaguars' starting "Z" wide receiver position, but the Jaguars will probably draft a wide receiver high, and Hayes will undoubtedly have plenty of training camp competition. The Jaguars have six draft choices; every round but the seventh. The Jaguars also stand to get a compensatory pick or two. How much salary cap money do they have left to spend? Enough to sign linebacker Keith Mitchell and fullback Marc Edwards, both of whom I expect to sign with the Jags soon.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
I think selecting the best overall player doesn't work in the first round with the Jaguars this year. They need a player who can contribute, start immediately and help make this team better. What players do you think would fit into that category?

Vic: If the best available player is a defensive end, he'd be perfect. But if the best defensive end isn't the best available player, it would be a mistake selecting him. I'm sorry, but I won't give in. I have my beliefs.

Jon from Ocala, FL:
Since you believe in "best available player," what would you do when it's your turn to pick in the first round of the draft and there are three guys you consider to have the same amount of talent? Would you then pick at a need basis?

Vic: If the players are of equal ability and upside, you go for need.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
Vic, what do you think of trading Darius for a first round pick, much like the Bills did with Price? I think if we make a move for someone like Sehorn at the vet's minimum and move McCree to strong safety, Darius becomes expendable. I heard he had interest from Pittsburgh. Trade him for a high first-round draft pick. Your thoughts? This way our needs are met and we're in a better position to draft more quality players.

Vic: I don't think you'd get a high first-round pick for Donovin Darius.

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