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Golf, hunting, and mealworms


Monday, September 15

I awoke early in the morning. My stomach was growling and I was hungry. I headed downstairs to find breakfast. As I waited for the coffee to brew, my only thought was, "We are 0-2." I knew in my heart that we are a better team than our record shows, but we just can't seem to catch any breaks. Being unlucky isn't a good thing. It just means we have to work harder to make our own luck. The day rolled on and I headed off to the stadium. I felt like I'd just been on a game show and lost. The feeling flowed through the locker room. We lifted weights and watched our film. Coach Del Rio reminded us to keep our noses to the grind stone. Good thing I have a big nose.

I went home and picked up Rebekah. We headed out to Amelia Island for the First Annual Chris Hanson Celebrity Golf Classic to benefit FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Who would have ever thought that Chris Hanson would have his own golf tournament. I mean, I can picture him playing in golf tourneys and even winning them, but to have his own?!?! That's truly awesome! ! I guess the Deuce has really made it "big time." Monday evening ended with a silent auction and Monday Night Football. It was a great night. I got to see both current and former Jaguars. It was nice to see the guys away from football.

Tuesday, September 16

I had to wake up early this morning. Rebekah and I got to hear the sound of waves crashing on the beach right outside our window at the Ritz Carlton. It was going to be an awesome day! I went to breakfast and then off to golf I don't truly enjoy the game of golf. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate it. There's just other things I'd rather do. Plus, I'm not really good at it. Is it bad if my handicap is the same as my jersey number? We finished the tournament close to last. Okay, we were dead last. See I'm really not a good golfer, but I sure am fun to play with. Without me, who would tell all the jokes? Rebekah and I headed home. She asked me if I could ever be the name on a golf tournament, like Chris. I said, "fat chance!" But if any fishing tournaments need a celebrity ... I'm their guy!

Wednesday, September 17

I arrived at work early, as usual. Once again, performing feats of strength with Mark Brunell. Coach Mike Sullivan caught up with me in the hallway on my way to breakfast. We talked about the practice schedule and the upcoming game with Indy. Sully's always a positive guy. I think it comes from his days of being an Army Ranger. They never say die. We had meetings and headed out to practice. It was a grueling practice, but we knew we needed the work. If anything was going to change, it was going to be because of our own hard work, not luck.

I stopped on the way home for some delicious Publix subs. I sure do love sandwiches. I think that they might be my favorite foot right behind beef jerkey. Shortly after dinner, I hit the wrestling ring. The dogs made quick work of me because of a stitch in my side. I think we began the match too quickly after dinner. Isn't there some saying about not wrestling at least 30 minutes after food? Oh, wait…I think that's for swimming. Whatever! Anyways, the new score: Joe-2, Dogs-1.

Thursday, September 18

Got to work and did my usual Thursday film review. After a few meetings and another good practice, I headed home. But first, I was stopped in the parking lot by George, the equipment room intern. He asked me if I had a few extra bucks. He had to go and buy mealworm for the pet hedgehog. I gladly handed over a few dollars. Those rodents have to eat too, ya know?

I headed home. My wife had some friends flying down from our last home in Virginia, for the weekend. When I got home, Samantha, Melissa and Tammy were already there. We debated what to do for dinner, but I decided the only true place to eat to give them a taste of Jacksonville's fine dining would be Clark's Fish Camp. I love eating there. The food's great and the atmosphere is even better. I'm still waiting to meet the guy who hunted all of those animals.

Friday, September 19

The feeling this morning was one of excitement. I don't know if the guys were pumped because they watched the pet hedgehog kill and eat his mealworm or that they were just ready for the Colts. I'm leaning towards the latter. But that's not to say that watching 'ol George devour his breakfast wasn't in some way, an idea of what we were going to do to our own opponents. After one last hard practice, I reminded tight end rookie, George Wrighster, to pick up the coffee for Saturday morning. Nothing tastes better than Saturday morning donuts and coffee bought by a rookie.

I met my wife and the girls for a cheese steak lunch. I had to eat my Friday steaks early because I was headed off to the woods to get in some deer hunting. Chris Luzar and I got home late. Both empty-handed. It's not always the kill, but the time with nature that matters.

Saturday, September 20

We all got to work anticipating a plane ride up North. After our walk-through, I headed to the airport. As I drove I was thinking of playing in a dome. Darn! I wish we were playing in Indy a little later, when it was actually cold. Isn't that what domes are for? Getting out of the elements? No matter, it was going to be raining inside for those Colts on Sunday. Raining Cats! ! I just hope they bring their umbrellas.

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