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Hanson, Holmes burned in fondue-pot accident


What was supposed to be a nice dinner amongst friends turned into a trip to the hospital for Jaguars kicker Jaret Holmes, punter Chris Hanson, and his wife Kasey. The accident happened when a hot fondue-pot tipped over.

"We were just cooking in our kitchen and a pot overturned and spilled on our tile floor. It burned my hands and my foot and got my wife pretty good," Hanson said.

While the two Jaguars suffered first and second degree burns, it was Chris' wife that was affected the most severely. She incurred second and third degree burns that required skin grafts and two weeks in the hospital.

"She's doing really well, everything's looking good on her. She was down at Shands, she got out last Friday, so she's actually healing really quick compared to what they say is normal," Hanson said of his wife.

While Holmes and Hanson were both burned badly, they have both fully recovered and are looking for the season to start.

"I've been back to 100 percent for two weeks now, so I'm just getting into shape and getting ready for training camp." Hanson said.

Hanson ranked fourth amongst NFL punters last season with a 37.1 net average. Holmes was acquired by the Jaguars in December and will be one of three kickers competing for the Jaguars place kicking chores.

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