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Hanson star of game

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ed from Kansas City, MO:
Right now, the Jaguars are at an active, league-high 17 games without a 100-yard rusher. What's the NFL record?

Vic: Check back in a couple of years.

Christopher from Fruitland Park, FL:
Hey, Vic, you mentioned the Jaguars first draft pick ever was Tony Boselli. By chance, who did the Panthers take first overall?

Vic: The Panthers traded the first overall pick to Cincinnati, which selected Ki-Jana Carter. The Panthers drafted Kerry Collins with the fifth overall pick. By the way, Steve McNair was the third pick of that draft. The 1995 NFL draft was one of the best in league history, also yielding players such as Warren Sapp, Ty Law, Korey Stringer and Derrick Brooks.

John from Jacksonville:
The 2-0 Jaguars are ranked 32nd in offense and the 0-2 Buccaneers are ranked 30th. What team is 31st and what is its record?

Vic: The 0-2 Cardinals are 31st.

Phil from South Riding, VA:
Does it pain you that on draft day our team did not select Kenechi Udeze? How has his play been in the first two games?

Vic: It's too early to answer that question. The Jaguars have an obvious need for a defensive end, but they also have just as desperate a need for someone to step up as a legitimate number two wide receiver. Kenechi Udeze has a sack, as does Saints rookie defensive end Wil Smith. My understanding is the Vikings and Saints are pleased by the progress of both players, but we have to give Reggie Williams time to show us what he can do before we judge the success or failure of that pick. It's too early to pronounce judgement now.

Alan from Buford, GA:
I'd just like to let Pat from Jacksonville know that last year my wife had major foot surgery and six weeks later we were sitting in section 405 watching the Jags beat the Bucs. People around us couldn't believe she hiked up into the clouds at Alltel Stadium on a bum foot and crutches to watch a Jags game. It can be done. I believe she's a keeper.

Vic: You gotta push 'em or they'll get soft.

Roland from Jacksonville:
Why don't we hire Spurrier as offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach? He's gotta be able to help out with Leftwich and I'm sure he's bored at home, no matter how rich he is.

Vic: He didn't know how to use Fred Taylor when he had him, why would it be any different now?

Mike from Bridgeport, CT:
On "Jaguars This Week" you made a comment on Dan Neil wearing calf pads and something about leg whipping. What exactly is leg whipping? Sounds like a dirty move to me.

Vic: It is a dirty tactic. An offensive lineman uses his legs as though they were a whip, throwing the backs of his legs into the lower legs of a defensive lineman. When you see an offensive lineman wearing calf pads, you got a pretty good idea of what's coming.

Mike from Orange Park, FL:
What has happened to the famous "coffin corner" kick used by punters? They now seem to kick it as high as they can and hope they get a good bounce. They are professionals and should be able to place a directional kick inside the 20 a very high percentage of the time.

Vic: You picked a bad week to make your point. Chris Hanson killed punts at the Denver nine, 15, two, 10 and 11-yard lines. The last three of those punts were in the fourth quarter, at crunch time. Hanson may have been the star of the game.

James from Ashcroft, BC, Canada:
What are the chances of getting the clip on John Henderson being slapped in face in the locker room before each game on

Vic: That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do.

Jack from Nashville, TN:
Your puny Jaguars have no shot against the Titans. Remind me how many times in a row we beat you? Don't you know they don't let women play football?

Vic: Hey, kid, does your mother know you're doing this?

Gene from Keystone Heights, FL:
Is there any resentment or dissension in the locker room between the defensive players and the offensive players? If I were a defender I would be sick and tired of carrying the workload week in and week out. I know it is a team game, but the offense is not pulling their own weight and it is only human nature to resent that fact.

Vic: You're right, this is a team game, and the foundation of the team concept is tested and built in times of adversity. This is when teams establish who they are. This is when teams develop the inner strength from which they'll need to draw at crunch time late in the season. The whole concept of team is at stake at times like this. If they crumble after just two games, they'll have no chance of holding it together in December, and if it's human nature to resent your teammate, then you got the wrong humans. You want guys who are willing to carry each other. Mark my words, before this season is complete, the offense will have to carry the defense. That's the way it works over the course of a full season. Resentment won't get it done. Commitment to team will.

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