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He's the fans' GM

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brad from Jacksonville:
Trent Edwards being claimed means your inbox is probably chaotic. It may just be me, but I think Gene just saw this as a way to upgrade to a player more capable than Bouman as a backup QB. Do you agree?

Vic: Yes, this is a very exciting time for the Jaguars and my inbox is brimming with enthusiasm. I agree with your assessment, on both counts.

Quint from St. Augustine, FL:
I had season tickets since day one. I did not renew this year due to financial reasons. Then, needing a quarterback as badly as they do, the team passed on Tim Tebow. Honestly, and I hate to say it, I don't think I'm a fan any longer. I'm sure glad I wasn't there for the slaughter on Sunday.

Vic: We missed you.

Robert from Lexington, KY:
I hear analysts say the defender reads the eyes of the quarterback on interceptions, tipped passes, etc. Wouldn't it seem that more QBs should wear the visor like Vick did so that wouldn't happen?

Vic: There are rules that restrict the use of dark visors to players who have medical reason to wear one. Michael Vick doesn't wear a dark visor, so I assume his eyes can be seen by defenders. I've always wondered why scouts don't spend more time looking for cross-eyed quarterbacks.

Lee from Jacksonville:
With Trent Edwards subject to the waiver claims process, is the team that is awarded him obligated to give him a contract? If the Jaguars won the claim, kicked the tires on him, and then didn't like what they saw, would they be stuck with him?

Vic: You already wanna cut him? When you claim a player, you claim his contract. You have to keep him on your roster for at least two days and you must pay him one game paycheck before you cut him.

Terry from Orange Park, FL:
The score is 28-3 with 12 minutes left in the game. Seems like a good time to go into a hurry-up offense. Why did we run the ball?

Vic: There was a storm on the way. A lightning delay would've been too much for everyone to endure. We had suffered enough.

Bryan from Tampa, FL:
Everyone knows our pass-defense is a weakness, but were you surprised at how badly the offensive line played?

Vic: Yeah, I guess so, but it's tough to pass-block when eight guys are crowding the line of scrimmage, there's no threat of run and no fear of a big play occurring in the passing game. That's the perfect tee-off-on-the-quarterback scenario.

Matthew from Jacksonville:
No question, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the questions you asked Gene Smith on Monday's radio show. No candy-coating things. You asked the hard questions and, to Gene's credit, he answered them, although he did seem a bit uncomfortable. The Jags have issues, but I have to say that you all do a fantastic job of keeping us informed and educated.

Vic: This general manager believes the fans have a right to know. I can't tell you how much I enjoy working with GM Gene. He knew it was coming as soon as he saw me look at him. He knew I was gonna hit him with the hard questions, and he knew it was fair to do that the day after the Jaguars' 28-3 loss to the Eagles. It would've been disrespectful to the fans to not ask the tough questions. I won't do that. I've worked too long in this business to not ask the questions that need to be asked. In my opinion, the fans deserved to know why the quarterback position had become depleted. I asked the questions and he answered them. Believe me when I tell you this: He gave you the absolute truth. That Monday show is outstanding and it's because of GM Gene. He makes it what it is, which is to say possibly the most transparent hour of radio in the NFL. He is, truly, the fans' GM.

Paul from Hallandale Beach, FL:
Can I please get David Garrard's mailing address at the stadium? I would like to personally send him a letter with my thoughts. I encourage all others to do the same. We gotta get this guy out of town before he ruins the franchise.

Vic: Please get help.

Paul from Jacksonville:
What would Kipling tell our fans this week?

Vic: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good nor talk too wise.

Herb from Jacksonville:
I got a call from a friend after the Eagles/Jags debacle. He informed me that Vick was arrested after the game. I was shocked to think that he could again put himself in such a position. Imagine my embarrassment when I learned he was being charged with "killing" Jaguars.

Vic: I got home late Sunday night. My oldest dog, Jake, always greets me at the door but not on this night, so I walked over to him and bent over to pet him and he growled at me. Hey, I didn't play. I'm just a reporter.

Max from Tucson, AZ:
Argue with us, Vic. We need your logical, informed perspective to balance our emotional, knee-jerk reactions.

Vic: Not this week. I'm out of gas. I need to pace myself. I really don't wanna die of a heart attack because somebody threw an incomplete pass. Die of a heart attack because I hit a drive too far? That's fine, but not because the offensive coordinator called the wrong play or the quarterback didn't go through his progression properly.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I have to tell you the truth. On Sunday I did not protect our house. Eagles fans were everywhere in my section. They were loud, cussing and being obnoxious and I did not do anything to help protect our house. I sat there with my parents and tried to enjoy the game and did not say a word to them. All game I heard yelling back and forth from fans and cops escorting people out, and still I sat there and minded my own business. At the end of the game, I heard screaming behind me. I turned around and saw bodies flying all over the place. It was the Eagles fans vs. the Jaguars fans and I did nothing to help my fellow Jaguars fans.

Vic: I'm proud of you.

Joe from St. Augustine, FL:
I have officially had it with the fans. I am thoroughly convinced they have no understanding of the game, no fortitude and no loyalty. God bless the Eagles fans, many of whom came to Jacksonville because they cannot see their team at home because they are sold out. Penn State draws over 100,000 every week they are home. Could you believe the Eagles do not have anyone from Penn State on their roster?

Vic: They have two from Pitt and one from Clarion but none from Penn State or Temple. You find football players where you find football players. What does it matter where you find them? Just win, baby.

Todd from Jacksonville:
Matt Jones instead of Aaron Rodgers. I just got a little sick to my stomach. Stiff upper lip, Vic. You're providing a very valuable service to a lot of immature football fans.

Vic: Why do you think I hated that pick so much? You can't spend first-round picks on guys making position switches when potential franchise quarterbacks are still on the board. Gene Smith knows that. He will not neglect the position next spring. I can say that with assurance because next year's draft class is expected to be deep at quarterback.

Roger from Jacksonville:
Those Philly fans weren't obnoxious, they were absolutely the worst visiting fans I have experienced. Lots of foul language and wanting to fight. It was horrible.

Vic: Sounds like my childhood.

Sean from Jacksonville:
According to a study done by IBISWorld, reported in the Wall Street Journal, drinking establishments are estimated to lose $562.8 million during 2011, if the NFL work stoppage happens.

Vic: I'll do my best to help.

Matt from Jacksonville:
Would it be wise to trade Buffalo third and fifth-round picks for Brian Brohm?

Vic: Yeah, you could do that, or you could wait seven months and use those picks to select quarterbacks that would probably be deserving of higher selections in the draft but were pushed down by the depth of the crop. That's what I'd do, but I don't wanna discourage you from abject panic because I know it always makes fans feel better.

Alan from Pasadena, CA:
Can you give us an update on Derek Cox? He was inactive again against the Eagles. After looking so great last year, has his play in practice and confidence been that bad?

Vic: He got off his game and he's trying to get back on it. At least, that's the feeling I get from all of the dialogue about his injury, deactivation, etc. On Monday, Jack Del Rio said of Cox: "He, at some point, will help our team win games. When we feel he's ready to help us win, we'll play him."

Brooks from Tallahassee, FL:
I'm going to stay away from all of the vitriol because, aside from Garrard's passing struggles, we are exactly who we thought we were.

Vic: I take Vitriol every day for tired blood.

Bill from Citrus Springs, FL:
If higher attendance is tied to winning, what's the Tampa Bay Rays' problem?

Vic: Their problem is they play in Florida. Unless you're the Gators, it's a tough place to sell tickets. Florida is one of the only teams in Florida that doesn't struggle to sell tickets. I was watching the Wake Forest at Florida State game last Saturday and I was stunned by the number of completely empty sections in Doak Campbell Stadium. The Miami Hurricanes have never been a good draw, the Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers all struggle, and Raymond James Stadium was half full of Steelers fans last Sunday. I'm not sure about the Lightning, Heat and Magic. It's a tough state for selling tickets. I tip my hat to Florida: They sure don't have a problem selling tickets.

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