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He was not a reach

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jami from Arlington, VA:
I heard GM Gene say he targeted Alualu. This seems to be a departure from drafting BAP. Will you explain to me how targeting a player is the same as BAP?

Vic: I didn't hear him say that but I think it's obvious the Jaguars fell in love, so to speak, with Tyson Alualu and because he was as high on their board as he was, they had to know he was going to be their pick. The whole issue was whether or not they could trade down and pick him. Could they find a team that wanted to trade up into the 10 hole and, if they did, would Alualu still be available for the Jaguars later in the first round? What the Jaguars knew and apparently Mel Kiper didn't know is that at least two, maybe three other teams were hot on Alualu. The Jaguars were monitoring Alualu's contact with those teams and one of those teams, Miami, appeared to be a threat to take Alualu. Miami was to pick two spots after the Jaguars but ended up trading that spot, moving down to 28 and selecting defensive lineman Jared Odrick. Hmmm. I can't help but wonder what the perception would've been had Bill Parcells picked Alualu at 12. Genius, right? He would've been hailed for having seen what everybody else missed. Gene Smith picks Alualu and it's a reach, but if Parcells had picked him it would've been genius. The bottom line on all of this is that the media blew it, and that falls hardest on Kiper and Todd McShay because they are paid to be draft specialists and they didn't know that Alualu was a fast-rising guy. This is all they do; they have to do it right. Alualu was not a reach on the Jaguars' board and that's all any team has to go on, its board. By the way, true targeting usually involves fitting yourself to the pick. In other words, you target a guy and move yourself to where he fits in the order, so as not to lose value. Alualu is going to make Smith famous.

Cheyne from Greensboro, NC:
I subscribe to BAP. I subscribe to picks, not players. I subscribe to players, not plays. I am not judging this draft class, as I hadn't heard of any of these players before the draft and that would be wrong, but am I wrong to be a little disappointed that we did not somehow get a quarterback to groom? Another year has passed without another QB drafted. That's my only criticism.

Vic: Next year is the year. I promise you. That decision was made prior to this draft. It was a weak quarterback crop and I knew going into the draft the Jaguars really didn't like any of the guys that would be available to them. They'll get their guy next year, from a crop that could include as many as 22 legit prospects. As an aside, I'm looking forward to seeing undrafted quarterback Trevor Harris. I have heard very good things about him.

Dave from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Thank you for your outstanding draft coverage. You did radio work, interviews, features, editorials, web videos, a live blog and even a Saturday edition of "Ask Vic." I don't know if they give Pulitzers for web reporting, but you deserve some kind of award. Well done, Vic.

Vic: I'll accept your kind words on behalf of everyone involved in the process that didn't have a byline. We are a small staff and the work was intense. I'm very proud of the finished product and our ability to have kept pace with the proceedings.

Bradley from Jacksonville:
Have you ever heard a guy complain that a girl judged, disregarded and dismissed him before she even got to know him? I do. The shoe is on the other foot for a lot of those guys, also Jaguars fans. Thursday night, over 40 of my friends made comments on Facebook that they were now Broncos fans, the number one Denver fan.

Vic: Don't worry about those people and don't let them get to you. They were never Jaguars fans and never will be Jaguars fans. They are the enemy. They are the ones that want to drive pro football out of Jacksonville. I think we know who they are. They're the ones that used the whole Tim Tebow thing to widen the cultural divide between the college and professional football cultures in Jacksonville. That's OK. They have their fan base and we have ours, and they have their media and we have ours. What's important now is that we know which is which. If the Tebow thing did anything, it helped us understand and identify the divide. Unfortunately, you can't like both in this town. I've come to that realization. It's one or the other and, as I wrote on Saturday, it's time to declare. Which are you? I'm pro football.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Vic, I'll join you. I was ashamed of myself for quickly complaining to you about the Jags' first pick in the draft. I've worked hard and lost weight to be able to comfortably enjoy my seat and the game at the stadium. I certainly can work hard to overcome my tendency as a fan to jump on the negative, especially without all the information at hand. After the past 48 hours of "Ask Vic" therapy, I am ready to move on, grow up and just enjoy the game-day experience.

Vic: Real men play for the money.

Paul from Merida, Mexico:
I'm with you, Vic. I grew up in Jacksonville and I'm a three-time graduate from the University of Florida. I love college and professional football. I bought a pair of season tickets, even though I'll soon move to Washington, D.C., because the Jaguars are the city's crown jewel. The question isn't whether you like college or pro football, the question is, "Do you love your hometown team or not?"

Vic: You mean the one that bears the name "Jacksonville," right? It's the one that carries that name to the four corners of this country and everywhere in between. It's the team that put Jacksonville on the map and it's the reason for the reconstruction of a football stadium that was falling down and would've lost any kind of big-time football being played there, had it not been rebuilt.

Adam from Cocoa, FL:
I'll join you, Vic. In fact, pencil me in as a professional sports guy in general. Sure, there are times when a good "Final Four" game or a late-season SEC football matchup really entertains me, but I wager that anyone who truly enjoys sports, prefers the professional game.

Vic: They do in Jacksonville, too; don't kid yourself. You are part of the majority culture. Don't let the minority shout you down.

Adam from Jacksonville:
Who would you compare Alualu to?

Vic: Dan Saleaumua.

Miguel from Jacksonville:
I didn't/couldn't even read the rest of "Ask Vic" on Saturday before I said, I will join you, Vic.

Vic: You already had and didn't know it. Now it's time to become passionate about it.

Clay from Jacksonville:
So let me get this straight: We trade our fourth-round draft pick for a stud linebacker and a fifth-round pick. We then trade a fifth-round pick for a 2011 fourth-round pick next year. So, basically, we didn't lose a fourth-round pick, but instead just acquired a superior talent for no cost (in terms of giving up picks). Now that's a good deal, in my book.

Vic: You bet that's a good deal. GM Gene did some fabulous maneuvering in this draft that went largely unnoticed. First of all, he traded a pick for a player and a pick in the Kirk Morrison deal. You don't see that very often. Usually, it's a pick for a player; you don't get the player and the pick, too. Gene got a starter, Morrison, and a pick one round later than the pick he traded. He then used that pick to select Austen Lane, a player the Jaguars had targeted. Here's a classic example of fitting yourself to the pick. So, for the fourth-round pick, Smith got Morrison and Lane. How about the fifth-round pick Gene got for Quentin Groves that he turned into a fourth-rounder next year? Groves was likely going to be cut by the Jaguars. The Morrison deal became a backup plan of Smith's as soon as the Raiders picked Rolando McClain in the first round. Smith wanted to trade into the second round to pick Sean Lee. When he couldn't do that, he fell back on Plan B and did the Morrison deal. Good stuff.

Pete from Jacksonville:
Chalk me up as a pro football guy and I support the future of professional football in Jacksonville. The Gators are my favorite college team, but pro football's a different animal and the Jaguars are my home team. If I can't have both, I'll stick with the Jags.

Vic: For 15 years I thought you could have both. I promoted being a fan of both. People told me for years I was wrong, that it was one or the other, and now I believe them.

Gabe from Jacksonville:
I will join you, but only if I'm allowed to go to one or two Florida games this year.

Vic: Request denied. You're either with us or against us. Declare.

Cary from St. Simons Island, GA:
It seems that I should be angry at Gene Smith because of this draft, but I'm just not seeing it. He basically turned what was our biggest weakness last year into, potentially, one of the team's biggest strengths. We should have a solid defensive line for years to come. Why can't I feel anger toward this issue?

Vic: Because you know that what he did was logical. He ranked 'em and he picked 'em and that's how it's done. Did the Bengals draft Tony Pike? How many times did they pass on him?

Glenn from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'm with you! I questioned the first two picks, not because I didn't like them but because the media had not talked about them. Let the play between the lines speak and we can judge later.

Vic: I think you'll be satisfied.

James from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Why pass on Colt McCoy in the third round? Jags have not drafted a quality QB, the most important position, and Colt was one of the top four in this draft.

Vic: Smith showed you his board? Wow! He won't show me his board.

Alan from Orange Park, FL:
Enough of Tebow. I'm not a draft expert and each time I saw the Jags pick I went nuts, thinking they wasted the pick. After researching them, I think this team and Gene Smith really know what they're doing. Why do you think there's so much animosity from Gator homers about Tebow?

Vic: It was all meant to be divisive. They want us gone.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
The Panthers sure did get a steal at 89 overall.

Vic: That was my guy. Oh, well.

Peter from Sanford, FL:
I'll join you.

Vic: Who else will join me?

Scott from Jacksonville:
I have lived in Jacksonville for nine years. I will be moving out of state this summer and I must say I will not miss 80 percent of the football fans here. Why are they so angry over a draft pick? Football is supposed to be escapism, not cause ulcers. I am going to miss going to Jags games but I will read "Ask Vic" as long as it's on the Internet.

Vic: You will remain one of us.

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