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Henderson brings intensity


The volume has been turned up on the Jaguars' secondary, and the expectation is the team's defensive backs will speak loud and clear with their performances on Sundays.

"I think I'm a little more vocal than they had," new defensive backfield coach Donnie Henderson told reporters following Thursday's veteran camp practice.

Henderson is what's known in the coaching profession as a "yeller." He doesn't mince words. Through the first two weeks of OTA's, Henderson has asserted himself as the loudest voice in the team's practices, and the demands and criticism he has heaped on his players has been considerable. It's by intent.

"If I can put you under a lot of pressure and stressful situations (in practice), Sunday should be a piece of cake," Henderson said of his "yeller" strategy. "What does it take to play for me? A sense of humor. If you're listening to me yelling, you're as crazy as I am. I'm not yelling at you. I'm yelling at what you did."

First-year cornerback Rashod Moulton, a long-shot to make the team, got an earful in Monday's practice. Henderson dressed him down in plain language for all to hear. Moulton hasn't been the only target.

Henderson's demands aren't limited to the marginal players. He's already made sure high-priced free-agent acquisition Drayton Florence understands the expectations for him.

"I'm putting a lot of pressure on him and he knows why. Even when I get after him, he has no problem with it," Henderson said.

Why is Henderson putting a lot of pressure on Florence?

"Because he's got his check," Henderson said, referring to the fact that Florence pocketed $13 million in guaranteed money when he signed his deal. "I'm going to get everything out of him. He understands that," Henderson said.

Henderson coached with Jack Del Rio in Baltimore. Del Rio offered Henderson a job on the Jaguars' staff a couple of years ago but Henderson declined. This time, he accepted.

"I'm here for one reason: Jack Del Rio," Henderson said.

"They're very talented," he said of his defensive backs. "I was fortunate enough to have been in Baltimore when we had a lot of talented guys. Then I was in New York (Jets) when the talent base wasn't as good as this," Henderson said.

He made a point of singling out safety Reggie Nelson. "This guy is as talented as Ed Reed. What I've got to get him to do is be more vocal," Henderson said.

New defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is a "yeller" and linebackers coach Mark Duffner is what's known as a "holler guy," which is to say he's quick to encourage. All in all, it's made for some loud opening practices.

"I'm going to teach fundamentals and put a little more of my personality (into the secondary), as far as being aggressive," Henderson said. "It doesn't matter who's right or wrong, as long as the results are good."

The feature attraction of spring practices to date has been the move of Brian Williams from cornerback to strong safety, which made room for Florence at cornerback.

"He's taken it very well. What it gives us is the flexibility that on certain downs and distances, we don't have to substitute as much. The other thing is we have three corners on the field at all times," Henderson said.

And always, it would seem, the voice of one coach.

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