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Henderson draws coach's ire


Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio praised his team's energy level following Tuesday's OTA practice, but that praise did not extend to veteran defensive tackle John Henderson.

"John has a shoulder that, back when I played, nobody would've missed a snap. Lombardi might be rolling over. It's disappointing to see him pull himself out. I'm not going to worry about somebody who's pulled himself out of a drill," Del Rio said in a surprisingly terse reaction.

Henderson ended his participation early in Monday's practice after sustaining some sort of an injury while rolling over onto his shoulder. Reporters first thought Henderson might've been experiencing heat-related symptoms but the team issued no announcement on Henderson's condition and Tuesday was Del Rio's next-scheduled meeting with reporters.

Clearly, Del Rio is unhappy with Henderson having missed practice again on Tuesday. When asked if Henderson is risking a leadership role on the team, Del Rio said, "Without question. You can't lead and act that way. Everybody has to determine their own tolerance for pain. Frankly, it's embarrassing for me to even be talking about it."

The Jaguars practiced in hot and humid conditions on Tuesday for the second consecutive day and Del Rio lauded his team's effort.

"We continue to have energy. The energy is terrific. It looks like a motivated, hungry team that's intent on getting better every day. Where there's initiative, we can coach," Del Rio said.

Del Rio also explained that Monday's experimentation with the "wildcat" offense was with the intent of giving the defense a chance to defense it. "We wanted to get exposure to it on defense," Del Rio said.

Wide receiver Troy Williamson did not practice but Del Rio declined comment on Williamson's absence.

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