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Here's how you cheat

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jason from Houston, TX:
Has a team ever made the playoffs with a rookie as their field goal kicker?

Vic: Yes; I don't know how many, but I know I covered one that did. Matt Bahr was a rookie kicker with the Steelers in 1979 when they won the Super Bowl.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Thank you for making me laugh hysterically! Your response to Matt in Erie, PA, was priceless. As an unfortunate attendee to the AFC championship game following the 1999 season, I recall a Titan fan holding up three fingers and smiling at me. I help up my middle finger and smiled back.

Vic: And thank you for laughing hysterically, and for giving me a chuckle.

Ray from Orange Park, FL:
When people say Scobee has a big leg, how big are we talking about? I didn't see much on the kickoffs in Miami. At practice have you seen a big leg on his kickoffs?

Vic: I haven't noticed that his leg is abnormally large.

Matt from Wilton, CT:
What does the offensive line look like this year? Any chance that my boy Romberg stays around?

Vic: Brett Romberg has come on strong at the end of training camp for the second consecutive year. It seems to have become his trademark that when everyone else is getting a little run-down and nicked-up, Romberg turns his game up a notch. He looks like he's gonna stay around.

Miguel from Quito, Ecuador:
Hola, Vic, Cuantos Dias es Jorge injured for?

Vic: El season.

Donnie from St Augustine, FL:
Vic, since free agency began, who do you consider to be the biggest high-priced busts?

Vic: I don't know how it can get any bigger than Sean Gilbert, who was signed by the Panthers despite having had the franchise tag put on him by the Redskins. That meant the Panthers had to compensate the Redskins two first-round picks. When you factor that in with the unbelievable contract Gilbert received, and then weigh the total cost of signing Gilbert vs. the Panthers' return on their investment, it's easy to see why the Panthers were 27-53 during Gilbert's stay in Carolina. The Cowboys signed Joey Galloway from the Seahawks when Galloway was a "franchise" player, and that also proved to be a major mistake by the Cowboys. It's one thing to make the mistake of giving a guy more money than he returns, then it's another thing to give money and draft picks.

Tim from New Orleans, LA:
What's the word on Chris Thompson? He's our hometown boy and we need to see how he's doing.

Vic: If he was doing any better we'd be nominating him for the Hall of Fame.

Fred from Jacksonville:
I've noticed during training camp that some of the players have translucent tape on their helmets. What is the purpose of this?

Vic: It protects the helmets from scratches and gouges.

Bryan from Jacksonville:
Love the column; keep up the great work. My question is concerning Greg Jones and what you see his role on the Jags eventually being since they are deep at running back?

Vic: Greg Jones is a fullback. That's his role. The Jags would like him to become a Mike Alstott type of fullback, which is to say a fullback who is more of an offensive threat than the traditional block-only fullback.

Mario from San Diego, CA:
What happens if the defender bumps the receiver 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage?

Vic: The defender is penalized for illegal contact, which results in a five-yard penalty and an automatic first down.

Josh from Woodville, OH:
What was your golf score?

Vic: I skipped around from hole to hole, so I might spend some time with each of the "Ask Vic" foursomes. I was their mulligan, so to speak. I made a couple of putts and I taught one foursome how to cheat. Here's what I did. Our approach shots resulted in balls five feet, 10 feet, 13 feet and 15 feet from the hole. Obviously, we were going to play the ball that was five feet from the hole. So I walked to the other balls and began swatting them one-handed toward the ball we were going to play. But one of the balls I swatted went in the hole. Birdie!

Chad from Jacksonville:
You don't work hard enough.

Vic: I'm trying to cut back.

Justin from Gainesville, FL:
I have been a season ticket owner since 1996. What do you think it would take to sell-out Alltel Stadium? Undefeated season, playoffs, Super Bowl, or cheaper beer?

Vic: It's going to take time. I doubt that answer satisfies you, but I think you also know it's the truth. In time, the Jaguars will have made enough fans to fill this building. There are no quick fixes when it comes to building a fan base. Loyalties are established by time and tradition. It will happen here.

Jordan from Syosset, NY:
Do you read all the questions or do you pick a random amount and decide which are best?

Vic: I read them all.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Del Rio, Belichick and Coughlin; how do the players perceive each of them? Del Rio appears to be a demanding player's coach. Belichick and Coughlin both appear to be loners who are very smart, demanding and have a tough time smiling when on the clock, which is OK if you're winning, but dangerous when you have to rebuild. Accurate?

Vic: I think you're right on with Jack Del Rio, and a lot of people would say your description of Bill Belichick is accurate, but you missed the boat on Tom Coughlin. He is not a loner. Coughlin is a real people person. It's just that he doesn't bring that part of his personality to work. Coughlin once told me professional football is such that a player should come to work with an attitude. He wants his players to have an edge, and he's tailored his own at-work personality to promote that edge. You got the smart, demanding and no smiling parts right, but don't ever believe Coughlin lacks social skills or doesn't have close friends. It's just that he doesn't think football is a social activity.

Alison from Jacksonville:
I love your column and listening to you on the radio shows. What happened to Javor Mills, who seemed to be a promising young defensive end last season before getting injured and going on IR?

Vic: Javor Mills suffered a torn ACL last summer. His one-year contract expired and the Jaguars chose not to tender him. He is currently not with another team.

Skylar from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Why does Alltel Stadium not allow noise-makers? We need noise!

Vic: The NFL does not permit the use of noise-makers.

Al from Proctorville, OH:
Great job in what you do. Love the Jags' page best in the NFL. I am a Marshall fan. Where do you rank Byron's performance as a rookie, compared to recent quarterbacks in this era?

Vic: It is one of the best performances by a rookie quarterback in NFL history.

Mike from Atlanta, GA:
Vic, you've been covering football a long time. Were ACL injuries as frequent league-wide as they are now? And has the treatment of ACLs gotten better since you started? Do you believe the day is coming when a badly-torn ACL might not mean missing the season?

Vic: ACL injuries, I think, are more prevalent today than they were 30 years ago when I started doing this. But ACLs are not the catastrophic injury they were back then. Thirty years ago, ACLs were the death knell of a player's career. There was almost no recovery. Today, full recovery is expected, and so much progress has been made in ACL injuries over the last 10 years that I can't help but believe the day will come when an ACL tear won't be season-ending.

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