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Here's two good reasons

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jasmine from Jacksonville:
With the addition of the new linebackers, what's the status of Danny Clark?

Vic: Danny Clark is a restricted free agent, of which the signing period ends on April 18. If Clark doesn't sign with another team, I expect he will be lumped into the linebacker competition with the Jaguars. He's played strongside linebacker previously, but I expect he might get a shot in the middle.

Jay from Jacksonville:
I can't believe the Jaguars re-signed Donovin Darius at the franchise rate. Was this decision based on the limited number of quality safetiesin both the league and the draft or does management have some game film the rest of us haven't seen? He's a very likeable guy in the community who occasionally gets some punishing hits on running backs, but he plays the pass poorly. Why did we open the checkbook for this guy, Vic? Give me the inside scoop!

Vic: The checkbook hasn't been opened, yet. "Franchise" players don't receive signing bonuses. The $3 million the Jaguars would have to pay Donovin Darius would be in the form of salary, and there's a lot of time between now and next season. Because Darius signed the one-year tender offer, the $3 million is guaranteed. That means the Jaguars can't cut him without paying him that amount. But they can escape paying him by trading him. Darius' new team would be responsible for compensating him. Let's wait and see what the Jaguars' plans are for Darius.

Mike from Burbank, CA:
I'm not a member of the Fred Taylor fan club. As enthusiastic as he may be, that will not keep him healthy. He had a good season last year. Big deal! He's supposed to. Just to get that season out of him, we had to get his backup to run the last few yards for him. I gave up on this guy the moment he threw, not fumbled, the ball when he pulled his groin muscle. So my question is this: Give me a couple of reasons to be happy about keeping a guy who is nether physically nor mentally tough.

Vic: How about 1,314 yards rushing and 49 pass receptions?

Brandon from Butte, MT:
Do you see the Jaguars drafting Andre Johnson with the eighth pick and would someone like Gerald Hayes or Boss Bailey have the chance to be around at the time of the Jags' second pick?

Vic: I see the Jaguars drafting the best available player. That's what James Harris and Jack Del Rio told me they will do. Boss Bailey will not be available in the second round, but Gerald Hayes may. Hayes is considered a late-first, early-second round prospect.

David from Port Orange, FL:
I love your column. Keep up the great work. My question really doesn't relate to the Jaguars that much, but I was watching SunshineNetwork Florida Sports News last night and I noticed theintroduction to the segment was exactly the same words you used for your column about Fred Taylor's new contract. Do you write for Sunshine Network, too, or did they illegally use your words?

Vic: I do not work for Sunshine.

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